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Pumpkin on machine

Scary things you might encounter when buying machined components

You place a lot of trust in your suppliers, and usually there is a lot riding on everything going as expected. Here's our spooky take on breakdowns that can happen in that relationship.

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Business South's Business Growth awards

Penta wins business growth award

We are over the moon to have been awarded the Business Growth Award 2022 at the Central South Business Awards. The award recognises outstanding vision and leadership through significant and sustained growth.

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Penta tape

It's so much more than delivery

As consumers, we've been conditioned to expect free delivery as standard (thanks Amazon!) and as a result, we often find it hard to accept delivery charges from smaller companies. But do you really want a poorly-paid courier to throw your machined parts on your doorstep? Probably not. So what do you get for your delivery charge?

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Component on machine

Is the cost of your machined components increasing?

If you outsource CNC machining, you are probably seeing component prices rise. For buyers that are focussed on getting best value for money, an environment where prices are rocketing can make your job very hard indeed. 

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Penta Precision at Unit 9

2021 - A Year in Review

2021 has marked a year of change at Penta. From new employees to new locations, our focus for the year has been the same as ever – providing an exemplary service for customers.

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Raw material awaiting machining - 2001

How to beat the material price rises

Engineering raw material prices have rocketed and it’s causing chaos.

Uncertainty over availability means it’s difficult to get quotes for materials, and difficult to get quotes for manufacturing. The timeframe in which a quote remains valid is shortening significantly. We’re feeling the effects, and we know our customers are too.

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tooling banner

Are Badly Specified Engineering Tolerances Pushing Up Your Costs?

It can be a tricky balancing act to specify components in industries where there is a need for volume but also for safety, competition is high, or the market is commoditised. Designers and product development teams facing these challenges understand that precision machining tolerances must be detailed. And the datum must be precise. If they get any of this wrong, they risk compromising the product’s fit, form and function.

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Engineering drawing

Specifying The Right Aluminium Grade And Plastic Type For Medical Devices

You love the brushed aluminium finish on your top-of-the-range designer laptop. And you want the same finish for the high-end medical device you’re specifying.

But this may not be as easy as you think. The aluminium grade you want may not be readily available. Or the finishing may require special techniques.

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CAD engineering drawing

Who's At Fault? Your CNC Machining Supplier Or Your Drawings?

You’re having difficulties with a precision component for a critical medical device. The part won’t fit the assembly. Or the finish isn’t right. Or the quality/consistency is hit and miss. Or any number of other issues.

But your existing supplier – who perhaps has been reliable up until now – is pushing back: they did “exactly as instructed”, they protest. They followed your drawings/CAD models “to the letter”.

So what went wrong? And how can it be fixed quickly and cost-effectively? You want a second opinion – is the issue with the supplier, the drawings or both?

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