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Guaranteed tolerance on the thickness

Consistent machinability

Superior flatness and aesthetically pleasing surface finish

M82 or M82 precision plate as it’s sometimes known, is a kind of aluminium plate that comes with a guaranteed tolerance on the thickness. The alloy used is 6082. Because M82 has a guaranteed tolerance on the thickness, it can be machined very efficiently with very little wastage. The consistency means there is no need to change machine set ups between batches.

This guide will take you through the main attributes, common applications, notes for designers and suitable finishing and treatments, as well as UK stock sizes and property tables. Don't forget to bookmark the page so you can refer back later.

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M82 Guide: Properties, Applications and Design Considerations


What is M82?
M82 or M82 precision plate as it’s sometimes known, is a kind of aluminium plate that comes with a guaranteed tolerance on the thickness. 

To achieve the thickness, the plate undergoes levelling and a controlled stretch operation.

The alloy used is 6082 (T651) and therefore many of the properties apply to both.

Similar or obsolete designation and trade names

You may also see M82 referred to as:

  • Hulamin M82
  • M82 precision plate
Industry Examples: Pneumatics | Hydraulics | General engineering | Architecture | Transport


Typical Components & Applications: Highly stressed applications | Structural applications | Precision tooling | Precision vacuum chambers


Main Attributes:
  • Consistent machinability
  • Linished finish
  • Aesthetically pleasing surface finish
  • Superior flatness
  • Gauge and flatness tolerances to tighter than 0.7EN specifications
  • No surface finishing required – anodises well
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Medium strength
  • Maintains stability after machining
  • Cost effective - little to no waste

Note For Designers:

M82 can be a highly cost effective solution for components that need to be machined in aluminium 6082 plate. Machining can be extremely efficient and there is very little wastage, if at all.

M82 is specifically manufactured to maintain stability during machining operations.

Finishing & Treatments:

M82 comes in a linished surface finish on the top and bottom surfaces which do not require any additional finishings or treatments. The linished finish is highly suitable for anodising.

See our Finishing Processes page for further information on services that we can facilitate. 

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Further Reading & Resources

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Aluminium M82 Machined Parts


Penta Precision provides the following M82 aluminium machining services: 
  • CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • Prototypes and batch runs
  • Insert installation
  • Part marking
  • Manual milling
  • Manual turning
  • Machining design advice
  • Design for manufacture service

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