Aluminium 6082

Your guide to Aluminium 6082 Machining



Medium strength commercial alloy

Highest strength in the 6000 series

Excellent corrosion resistance

6082 is a highly machinable grade of aluminium which is why it has become the most widely used aluminium alloy for machining and high efficiency can be achieved.

This guide will take you through the main attributes, common applications, notes for designers and suitable finishing and treatments, as well as UK stock sizes and property tables. Don't forget to bookmark the page so you can refer back later.

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6082 Guide: Properties, Applications and Design Considerations


What is 6082 (L111/L113/L114/L115)?

6082 aluminium is a medium strength commercial alloy that has excellent corrosion resistance. It is comparatively new in the 6000 series and because it has the highest strength in the series, it has replaced 6061 in many applications. In plate form, it is the most commonly used alloy for machining. T6 is the strongest of the 6082 grades.

The aerospace equivalents of 6082 include L111 (bar), L113 (sheet), L114 (tube) and L115 (plate).

The most common tempers are:

  • T6 (solution heat treated and artificially aged)
  • T651 (solution heat treated and stress relieved by stretching then artificially aged)

The less readily available tempers are:

  • T4 (solution heat treated and naturally aged to a substantially stable condition)
  • O (soft)

Similar or obsolete designation and trade names

Other designations include: HE30, H30, H30TF (TF = T6), DIN 3.2315, EN AW-6082, A96082.


6082 grade is typically used across all market sectors as it is widely available, machines well and a range of surface treatments can be successfully applied. The aerospace equivalent "L Grades" are often used in military, defence and aerospace applications.

Industry Examples: Automotive | Architecture | Transport | Chemical
Typical Components & Applications: Highly stressed applications | Structural applications | Packaging | Bridges | Trusses


Main Attributes:
  • Medium strength
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Extruded surface finish not as smooth as others in the 6000 series
  • Lightweight
  • Good weldability but strength lowered in the weld zone
  • Also good for brazing & soldering
  • Suitable for outdoor applications and will not rust
  • Does not perform as well when exposed to saltwater as 5000 series grades

Note For Designers:
  • 6082 is the most common grade of aluminium in the UK so is readily available and with quick delivery due to being held in stock in most sizes of plate, round bar and flat bar
  • As such it is the cheapest grade of machinable aluminium
  • Standard off the shelf cutters can be used - saving time and money
  • The good machinability of aluminium 6082 means less cutter wear and faster speeds and feeds, resulting in reduced cycle times

Finishing & Treatments:

6082 is a suitable aluminium grade for successful anodising which offers good protection. Options include:

  • Natural sulphuric anodise
  • Colour sulphuric anodise 
  • Natural hard anodise 
  • Colour hard anodise
  • Chromate and non-chromate conversions (Alochrom 1000/1200 - Not RoHS compliant) (Iridite NCP/Surtec 650 new versions of Alochrom)
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