It's so much more than delivery

20th May 2024
by Sam Brown

Penta Precision - full van for delivery

Do you remember when we paid for delivery on ALL online purchases before Amazon Prime? No, me neither. 

As consumers, the e-commerce giants have conditioned us in recent years to expect free delivery as standard – and as a result, we often find it hard to accept delivery charges from smaller companies.

But what about when you’re ordering machined parts for your job? The expectations change significantly.

You probably don’t expect an underpaid courier to throw the goods on your doorstep, but you may raise an eyebrow when you see a delivery charge on your quote.

In this blog, I’ll explain why careful packaging matters and what the ‘delivery’ charge covers on a Penta quote. Spoiler alert: it’s *so* much more than delivery.

So why should you pay for delivery when it comes to your machined components?

Back to Amazon…

An Amazon and a Penta delivery have very little in common.

Yes, we do charge a packing and delivery fee – from £26 per delivery.

But what are you actually paying for?

Here at Penta, one of the core pillars of our service is taking care (the others are communication and consistency). Whether it’s taking care when we quote your part, taking care to machine it, or taking care to ensure it arrives safely and in one piece.

Consequently, we have dedicated considerable attention to getting our packaging just right so that you consistently receive your parts in pristine condition. An Amazon-style service just isn’t going to cut the mustard on this one.

Penta boxes

Why careful packaging matters

Imagine this: you receive the machined parts that you’ve been excitedly anticipating, only to discover they've been damaged during transit. This can lead to a cascade of problems:

  • Production delays – damaged parts mean your project may grind to a halt while you wait for replacements. This can have a domino effect, delaying other aspects of your production schedule.
  • Extra costs – you’ll not only have to potentially pay for replacements, but you may also incur additional costs for expedited shipping to get things back on track.
  • Wasted time – dealing with damaged parts takes up valuable time you could be spending on other tasks.

By investing in robust packaging, we minimise the risk of these scenarios.  Our careful packaging ensures your parts arrive:

  • Ready for immediate use – no need to waste time inspecting or replacing damaged components
  • On time – you can rely on a smooth transition from ordering to integrating the parts into your project
  • Giving you peace of mind – knowing your parts are well-protected reduces stress and allows you to focus on your core business.

In short, our meticulous packaging goes beyond just "delivery." It's an investment in your project's success and your overall peace of mind.

Cardboard wrap and bubble wrap


So what do you get from your Penta 'delivery' charge?

What appears as a single line ‘delivery’ charge on your quote actually includes:

  • Reliable courier service – we’ve partnered with a trusted and reliable courier to handle your machined parts
  • Protective packaging materials – we select suitable materials to ensure your parts are protected
  • Careful packaging process - care and attention are taken at every stage of the packaging process. Our dedicated dispatch team is briefed to take the extra time to ensure parts are packaged appropriately
  • Clear labelling – when an order is split across multiple boxes (which we often do to protect the parts), knowing specifically what is in each box will save you time and hassle – e.g. quantity, part number, dispatch number, how many per box, left or right-hand components, etc
  • Comprehensive paperwork – we always include the necessary paperwork INSIDE the box, where it’s less likely to get lost. All the paperwork is also archived at Penta should you ever require copies. This may include:
    • Delivery note
    • Certificate of conformity
    • Certification from platers, material suppliers
    • Inspection reports if requested
  • Environmentally friendly packaging – eco-friendly materials have been carefully sourced and are used wherever possible, including:
    • Cardboard ‘bubble wrap’
    • Paper tape
    • Where we do have to use plastic, it is usually biodegradable or recyclable
  • Bespoke packaging solutions – much like our approach to CNC machining, we like to think outside the box! So if a certain part doesn’t fit in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ box, it’s no problem for our dispatch team. We’ll always use the best solution for the individual part, getting it safely and undamaged to you is of utmost importance.


As you can see, we’re no Amazon, and we wouldn’t want to be!


Partner with Penta


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If you want to partner with a machining supplier who takes care at every stage, delivers a consistent service, and communicates with you along the way, we’d love to hear from you.

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