It's so much more than delivery

22nd Sep 2022
by Sam Brown

Do you remember back to the time before Amazon Prime and we paid for delivery on ALL online purchases? No, me neither. 

The truth is that as consumers, the ecommerce giants have conditioned us in recent years to expect free delivery as standard – and as a result, we often find it hard to accept delivery charges from smaller companies.

So what about when you’re ordering machined parts? Do you still expect an Amazon Prime approach to delivery?

You probably don’t expect a poorly paid courier to throw the goods on your doorstep, but you may raise an eyebrow when you see a delivery charge on your quote.

So why should you pay for delivery when it comes to your machined components?


Penta boxes


Funnily enough, an Amazon delivery and a Penta delivery don’t have too much in common.

Yes, we do charge a packing and delivery fee – from £26 per delivery.

But what are you actually paying for?

It’s very important to us that your parts, which we’ve spent time and care machining, get to you in the same condition that they left us in.

We have dedicated considerable attention to getting our packaging just right so that you consistently receive your parts in pristine condition. An Amazon-style service just isn’t going to cut the mustard on this.


So what do you get from your Penta delivery charge?


Cardboard wrap and bubble wrap


  • Use of a reliable courier
  • Suitable materials selected to protect your machined parts
  • Care and attention taken at every stage of the packaging process
  • Clear labelling – when an order is split across multiple boxes (which we often do to protect the parts), knowing specifically what is in each box will save you time and hassle – e.g. quantity, part number, dispatch number, how many per box, left or right hand components etc
  • Paperwork – always included INSIDE the box, where it’s less likely to get lost:
    • Delivery note
    • Certificate of conformity
    • Certification from platers, material suppliersBiodegradable plastic packaging
    • Inspection reports if requested
    • All the paperwork is archived at Penta too should you ever require copies
  • Environmentally friendly packaging has been carefully sourced and is used wherever possible, including:
    • Cardboard ‘bubble wrap’
    • Paper tape
    • Where we do have to use plastic, it is usually biodegradable or recyclable

We’re definitely no Amazon, and we wouldn’t want to be!

Partner with Penta


Penta tape

If you want to partner with a machining supplier who takes care at every stage, delivers a consistent service and communicates with you along the way, we’d love to hear from you.

You can either submit a quote or give us a call for an informal chat about your requirements – 023 9206 2048.