Penta's Proven Process

Penta's Proven Process


To ensure security in your supply chain, we are committed to following a standardised tried and tested process.
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You can see a static version of the Penta Proven Process here

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Read on to discover what makes our service unique.

What makes Penta unique?

In order to deliver a service that goes above and beyond that of our competitors, we live and work by our '3 Cs'.

These are 3 key elements that run through the core of our company and staff at every level.




We pride ourselves on outstanding communication. We understand that effective communication needs to occur at every stage of the process. 

At quote stage our experienced Estimators will make contact with you and discuss your component in detail to better understand what it is you are looking for in your finished product. We send your quote within 2 working days of you sending your enquiry.

Once you are happy with our quote, an order acknowledgement will be sent with a confirmed delivery date.

During the manufacturing process there are occasions when an issue can arise. We will always discuss drawing queries or scheduling conflicts with you, enabling you to manage people and resources your end so there is no down time.

We always welcome feedback from our customers as we strive for improvement and if there is an area we can develop, we want to hear about it.




We take care in everything we do. From initial contact our front-end team will carefully manage the quote stage in order to meet your needs. Our Estimators are ‘time served’ machinists who view each job with years of experience. By being thorough and meticulous at this stage, it ensures that our quotes are as accurate as possible. This aids production by reducing overruns and concession conversations once an order is placed.

Penta only employs permanent staff members in order to ensure knowledge is retained and quality is upheld - no agency staff are ever employed at Penta. 

We operate a rigorous quality regime which is outlined in our ISO 9001:2015 documentation. With dedicated experienced inspectors, we inspect each job at every stage of the process. By giving this level of care it ensures a ‘right first time’ culture is adopted throughout the organisation.




If there is no consistency in delivering the above two points your experience would be sporadic and unpredictable. You need to be able to place trust in your suppliers to deliver on time to the right quality level. 

To ensure this happens we understand that consistent service comes from internal process management; having clearly defined, documented processes that are followed by all creates a standardised way of working.

This enables you to issue the right level of labour to a project build knowing the components are going to be delivered on time and to the right quality level.

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