Commitment to Quality

Penta’s Commitment to Quality

Here at Penta, the quality of what we produce is a fundamental part of our company's ethos:


Designated Inspectors

Rigorous Inspection Regime

Externally calibrated inspection equipment including a CNC CMM

Formal 8D investigations on internal and external issues

Kaizen Events


We take time to review every enquiry we receive, and maintain good communication throughout the production process to ensure the final component not only meets but exceeds our customer's already high expectations.

ISO Accreditation


Penta Precision is ISO 9001:2015 accredited with extensive experience of machining high quality components for a number of industries.

You can download a pdf of our latest ISO Certificate of Registration here.

15 Steps to Quality


  1.  Contract review on receipt of order (see below)

  2.  Order processed

  3.  Order reviewed by Account Manager

  4.  Material purchased, machining time allocated, planned into visual planning board

  5.  Material is received, given a goods receipt number and allocated to the works order

  6.  Material certificates are electronically archived for future reference

  7.  Work flow is prioritised by Engineer from visual planning boards and setting operations start

  8.  First off inspection is completed by a designated inspector, verifying the component is to the customer's drawing.
     In process inspection is discussed and agreed, and batch production can commence

  9.  Process is repeated for each stage of manufacture

  10.  Key points and amendments are recorded to update the manufacturing routing for future orders

  11.  A full final inspection is completed before items are counted and booked into stock

  12.  Parts are packed carefully for protection in transportation

  13.  Delivery paperwork is raised and transport arranged as per the customer requirement

  14.  Invoice is raised and paperwork passed back to Account Manager for review

  15.  Manufacturing routing is reviewed and updated for future orders

Machinist using Vernier calipers

Inspector using CMM

Contract Review

When we receive your order, we complete a thorough contract review. If there are any changes or variances to the quote, we will discuss them with you directly. 


As part of our contract review, we check:

  • Part and drawing numbers
  • Issue levels
  • Price
  • Quantities
  • Delivery addresses 
  • Lead time
  • Paperwork and traceability requirements
  • Invoicing requirements
  • Payment details
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