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We are proud that Penta has become a trusted machining partner for customers right across the UK.

But don’t just take our word for it. 

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Requirement: CNC Turning

"We have been dealing with Penta for many years and they have never let us down. they always respond to enquiry's. Their quality and deliveries are very reliable." 

Andrew - Director

Electronics OEM
Requirement: CNC Milling, Aluminium Machining, Finishing Processes

"Penta are a very helpful, knowledgeable and professional company to deal with and the quality of the items produced are excellent." 

Sarah - Purchasing Manager

Requirement: CNC Milling

"Penta have always found a way to deliver on time although from time to time that does require an expedited cost which is expected." 

James - Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Requirement: CNC Milling, Finishing Processes

"Jen Luff & Chris Heal are always very responsive and helpful whether it is dealing with new orders, delivery plans or updating us when our Kanban purchase orders require renewing." 

Alex - Supply Chain Controller

Sensor Control Systems
Requirement: CNC Turning, PTFE Machining

"We needed a supplier of PTFE handles for our temperature measuring probes as our usual supplier ceased trading. I contacted Penta and they supplied me with exactly what we needed. Very satisfied." 

Rob - Director

Requirement: CNC Turning, Aluminium Machining, Delrin Machining

"We needed bespoke parts to be made for our product manufacture. So we decided to keep the whole process in the UK." 

Tina - Technical Manager

Requirement: CNC Milling

"Friendly and professional, always happy to help" 

Sam - Engineering Spares Inventory Coordinator

Requirement: CNC Milling, Steel Plate Machining

"Working with Penta was an ideal scenario, from start to finish their team ensured everything was taken care of " 

Bob - Branch Manager

Electronics OEM 
Requirement: CNC Milling

"I would highly recommend Penta Precision in whole, not only the product quality is consistently outstanding and the pricing competitive, but also the service is excellent. Whether is it design support, quick pricing, or a deadline to meet, Penta’s team jump in and fulfil our business needs." 

Agnieszka - Assistant Buyer

Sensor Control Systems
Requirement: CNC Turning

"Ed, Kim and the team give us a really good service. When I ask for quotes they are done in a timely manner. We have never had any quality issues . We are not the easiest of customers to deal with and because our forecast is constantly changing and with the global shortages we are seeing, we move orders around quite a bit and I have to say Penta help where they can and that is appreciated." 

Tracey - Senior Buyer

Marine Industry
Requirement: Reverse Engineering, Machining Design Advice, CNC Turning

"Penta reverse engineered sets of racing yacht rudder bearing which involved many close tolerance parts and delivered an excellent product on time." 

Philip - Fleet Maintenance Administrator

Laboratory Equipment
Requirement: CNC Milling

"We have been using with Penta Precision for a few machining projects, and I couldn't be happier with the results. From start to finish, their customer service was top-notch. Their team was responsive, professional, and went above and beyond to ensure that my project was completed on time and within budget.

The quality of their work is truly exceptional. The attention to detail and precision in their machining is evident in the finished product. Every component was perfectly crafted to the exact specifications that I provided, and the result exceeded my expectations.

In addition to their excellent customer service and quality of work, Penta Precision also excels in their delivery. They were able to complete my project quickly and efficiently, and I received my order on time without any delays.

Overall, I highly recommend Penta Precision for any machining needs. Their customer service, quality of work, and delivery are all top-notch, and I will definitely be using them for future machining projects. Five stars all around!

Harry - Purchasing & Procurement Manager

Rail Industry
Requirement: CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Plastic Machining

"Prompt response to enquiries, 100% pass rate through our goods inwards" 

Tony - Manufacturing Supervisor

Aerospace and Marine
Requirement: CNC Milling, CNC Turning

"We have dealt with Penta for many years and always found them to be reliable and competitive with excellent quality" 

Simon - Purchasing Team Leader

Requirement: CNC Milling, Machining Design Advice

"I will always be grateful to Penta's help and advice during our prototype stages and the quality of the end product is always impressive." 

Phil - Director

Requirement: CNC Milling, Aluminium Machining

"Penta is highly recommended for their quality, responsiveness and customer service.  We have experienced a lot of change with our parts and Penta has always accommodated the adjustments needed in a timely manner.  The quality is 100%." 

Andrea - Buyer

Requirement: CNC Turning

"Penta produce the required parts to a high standard each time and within the given lead time" 

Terry - Director

Laboratory Equipment
Requirement: CNC Milling

"Penta Precision will continue to be our stainless steel “go to sub-contractor”. 5 Star service and quality from quotes, right through to delivery." 

Harry - Purchasing & Procurement Manager

Requirement: CNC Milling and CNC Turning

"I’m very happy with the ongoing service and support that Penta offer us and still consider you as one of our most valued suppliers." 

Mark - Sourcing Specialist

Electronics Industry
Requirement: CNC Milling

"The quality of the plastic mouldings you machined were exceptional." 

Dave - Production Engineer

Military & Defence Industry
Requirement: CNC Milling & Turning

''Penta Precision always offer reliable, professional service for all our machining needs, with the end product being of the highest quality.''

Adrian - Production Buyer

Military & Defence Industry
Requirement: Aluminium Machining

"Penta Precision manufactured a superb bespoke camera flash bracket for us, which our field investigation teams are now using in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and a host of other conflict-affected states. We will certainly re-engage Penta Precision for new equipment requirements in the pipeline. Highly recommended in all respects!"

James - Executive Director

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

''Penta always provide excellent quality end products...We would recommend them to anyone.''

Ellis - Director

Life Sciences
Requirement: Plastic Machining, Toolmaking, Jigs & Fixtures

''Penta always provide a professional and high quality service. As well as electronic communication we have had many face to face meetings with them which they were always happy to attend and offer advice as well as discuss challenging work so that it could be progressed onto manufacture.''

Adam - Development Engineer

Electronics Industry
Requirement: Plastic Machining, Prototype Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

''I have not used Penta in the past, but I have just had our weld nests re-furbished and the quality is excellent, I cannot detect any run-out on our measuring gauge, I feel sure the print nest will be made of a similar high quality.''

Ivor - Manufacturing Engineer

Medical OEM
Requirement: Plastic Machining, Toolmaking, Jigs & Fixtures

''This was my first direct contact with Penta, everything went smoothly so I can't find fault We will use Penta again going forward.''

Ian - Manufacturing Engineer

Medical Equipment OEM 
Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

''Your service is clear, concise and considerate.''

John - Manufacturing Engineer

Camera OEM 
Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

''Helpful, pleasant and competent service.''

David - Purchasing manager

Design & Development 
Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

''We approached Penta with a request for machined parts...while working on demonstration equipment for one of the world's largest and post prestigious trade shows.  The quality of the product was excellent and the level of service received was outstanding with Penta going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our product was ready on time. I would have no hesitation in using Penta again or recommending them to others.''

Chris - Purchasing

Precision Sheet Metal 
Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

''Always a pleasure to deal with.''

Mike - Director

Aerospace OEM 
Requirement:  Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

''Penta Precision are a reliable and competent local sub-contractor who we have been working in partnership with for the past 6 months...They have provided quality products and services to us, on time and at competitive prices.''

Lawson - Procurement

Military Electronics 
Requirement: Aluminium Machining

''I find the service we receive very good. Quick responses via email – delivery I always find to be ontime. If delivery was ever a problem, you always do your best to improve.''

Jamie - Buyer

Electronic Integrator 
Requirement: Aluminium Machining

''Your company is outstanding for prompt, courteous and outstanding customer service. I never hesitate doing business with you! You are always first on my list for quote requests. Many thanks.''

Gail - Production Buyer

Fire Equipment OEM
Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning, Stainless Steel Machining 

''Penta Precision provides a near faultless service. They are a friendly and helpful company who I hold with very high regard.''

John - Tooling engineer

Packaging and Processing Machinery OEM
Requirement: Plastic Machining, Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, Packaging & Processing Machinery

''Penta have always supplied excellent quality and completely reliable deliveries. No hesitation in recommending them.''

Barry - Quality & Production Engineer

Marine Products
Requirement: Stainless Steel Machining, Aluminium Machining

''Penta have always managed to do a good job in the time required and at a decent price. We have never had any reason to complain about the service offered.''

James - R&D Engineer

Marine OEM
Requirement: Stainless Steel Machining, Aluminium Machining

''Penta were very efficient, understood our requirement and delivered the quality of product we required on time.''

James - Technical Service Manager

Camera Monitoring OEM 
Requirement: Plastic Machining

''Penta Precision achieved tight machining tolerances on plastic components that were thought to be impossible.''

Michael - Manufacturing Engineer

Oil & Gas Monitoring OEM
Requirement: Plastic Machining

''I was impressed with the quality of the product and service provided by Penta.''

Duane - Project Manager

Precision Fabrication Services 
Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

''With the tight delivery schedules required these days, it's paramount we have vendors who can attain high standards and Penta certainly fit this criteria.''

Andy - Customer Service Manager

Defence OEM

Requirement: Stainless Steel Machining

''We have been using the services of Penta Precision for two years, and throughout this period we have found the company to be most helpful in providing assistance when required, resulting in great benefits.''

Mick - Q.A & Materials Manager

Medical Analysis OEM

Requirement: Plastic Machining, Aluminium Machining, Prototype Machining

''Penta managed to turn my (amateur) 2D drawing into an accurate and very well machined part which some other suppliers had been unable to manufacture.''

Dave - Design Engineer

Electronic OEM 
Requirement: Plastic Machining, Aluminium Machining

''Very good & honest communication with my contact Mark & felt informed & up-to-date with the process of my job.''

Dylan - Buyer

International OEM 
Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Prototype Machining

''Our requirements are usually related to prototyping ideas where...good communication is required. With all my dealings with Penta Precision this has certainly been the case.''

Mandy - R&D Manager

Cable Manufacturer

Requirement: Toolmaking, Jigs & Fixtures

"A very friendly, helpful and efficient company."

Peter - Purchasing

Life Support Equipment – Atmosphere Control International

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Penta Precision offers a highly professional, competitive and above all quality service. As one of our approved suppliers, we look forward to continuing to benefit from the close and ever-improving relationship."

Adrian - Purchasing

Communications Equipment

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Aluminium Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Penta Precision is a very professional and helpful company, turning out very good quality work."

Jon - Production and Materials Planning

PCB Manufacture 

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"In our dealings with Penta Precision we have found them to be very committed to our needs, keeping us informed on the progress or our orders."

Derek - Purchasing

Life Sciences 
Requirement: Prototype Machining, Toolmaking, Jig & Fixtures

"Penta are very reliable in terms of sticking to agreed delivery dates - something that many other suppliers claim but rarely deliver."

Matthew - R & D Engineer

Life Sciences
Requirement: Prototype Machining, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Excellent service with full commitment from all at Penta."

Mark - R&D Engineer

Health Care Industry

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Penta have been very responsive to my company's needs with...consistent quality."

Ken - Engineering Team Leader

Industrial Filtration Industry

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"To be confident that an accurately manufactured part will arrive on the agreed deadline is invaluable and increasingly rare. Penta give us this confidence."

Paul - R&D Manager

Computer Manufacturer 
Requirement: Prototype Machining, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"It is always a pleasure to deal with Penta Precision. Work is always completed on time, billed at the quoted amount and most importantly right first time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Penta."

Mike – R & D Engineer

Cash Counting Equipment 
Requirement: Prototype Machining, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Penta has responded quickly and efficiently to our requests which have been very demanding. Without their support we would have struggled to meet our deadlines. It has been a real pleasure to work with a dedicated engineering team that take on board the work load and deliver a good quality component on time."

Mike - R & D Engineer
Electronic and Communication Enclosures
Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"We can always rely on the quality of your work."

Robert - Group Quality Manager
Precision Sheet Metal Industry

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Your delivery dates are always met. Quality of work is always good. A very good service."

Frank - Purchasing

Pharmaceutical Industry 
Requirement: Prototype Machining, Toolmaking, Jigs & Fixtures

"Penta is a precision engineering company that is genuinely customer focused. Their outstanding reliability...is essential in supporting a company operating in the competitive, quality driven health care industry."

Matthew - Product and Process Development

Pharmaceutical, FMCG and Industrial Equipment
Requirement: Pharmaceutical Engineering & Machining, Packaging & Processing Machinery, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"In short, they pull out all the stops to give you what you want, when you want it, with the highest quality of product. I would recommend them any day."

Richard - Manufacturing Engineer

Electronics Industry
Requirement: Precision Machining Components, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

"In the five years we've been working with Penta, their friendly attitude has never changed. Nor has the high standard they always supply. These two points make them our number one supplier of machined parts."

Kevin - Director

Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment
Requirement: Prototype Machining

"Penta have very friendly, professional staff who've always been able to deliver on all the work I've placed with them"

Nouri - Senior R&D engineer