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Has Pre-Production Exposed Your Prototype's Hidden Problems?

17th May 2021
by Edward Moss

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Making The Big Leap From Prototype To Production

Prototypes can lull you into a false sense of security. Going from prototype to production is not the easy final step you might imagine. It’s a big leap over a deceptively wide chasm.

Here’s a typical scenario: your prototype is complete so most of the hard work is done, right? Now it’s just a matter of getting a machining company to churn out some pre-production examples or a first run. Just ‘press the button’ and everything will be fine, right?

Just one problem: everything isn’t fine. Your pre-production/first batch examples haven’t turned out as well as your optimistic prototype suggested they would. You need to know what went wrong. Quickly.

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How Did Your Prototype Evolve?

You probably had to do a bit of filing and fettling to get your prototype to work. Perhaps a few tweaks to ensure a perfect geometric fit. But did you update your drawings to reflect those changes?

If not, your poor machining company may have been working from outdated and inaccurate drawings.

Our experienced engineers get lots of calls and emails from medical device/component manufacturers who are in precisely this situation. They need help to fix the problem (along with other issues they haven’t discovered yet).

Getting Expert Help 

Bottoming out a problematic prototype usually means asking fundamental questions about what the product is for, who it’s for and why particular materials have been specified.

There may be issues with the finishing, especially if your product has a lot of large flat faces that leave blemishes exposed.

Mediocre finishing will not cut it in the world of medical devices: expensive hi-tech products always need to look good – especially in the world of healthcare. No patient wants to be treated by a doctor using equipment that looks sub-optimal. It does not instil confidence.

So you may need to bring in machining specialists to help you overcome your prototype-to-production hurdles. Here’s how…

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  • key questions you should ask machining companies
  • why you should demand rigorous in-house inspections (and not just rely on certifications)
  • good practice in procurement (looking further ahead).

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