Production Team Leader - Turning

Production Team Leader - Turning



We are recruiting a Production Team Leader for our Turning team. The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate high level technical expertise as well as excellent leadership qualities. They will be responsible for developing and maintaining a high performing team, made up of high performing individuals. 

All employees at Penta are expected to continually look for ways to develop themselves and the team by being active in weekly meetings and engaging positively with Penta's "operating system" – the way we work. 

Mission - Production Team Leader - Turning


The Turning Team Leader will be tasked with developing individuals to be great technicians, communicators, collaborators and turning team members. They will be accountable for continuously improving quality outcomes, throughput, invoiced sales and gross margins achieved by the department, resulting in sustainable, profitable internal growth of the department and whole company to the benefit of all employees.

CNC machinist programming lathe


1. Leadership, Management and Accountability (LMA) of the turning department

  • Continuously improve the EOS five leadership abilities.
  • Continuously improve the EOS five management abilities.
  • Live the Core Values, Passion, Niche and Target. 
  • Coordination and collaboration of the team and assist in shop floor planning.
  • Be a Competent Person and Fire Marshall. 

2. Developing the department's technical abilities in CAD/CAM, working methods, workholding and cutting tool technology

  • Resolve issues promptly, technically advise on all aspects of engineering, working methods, CAD/CAM, programming, setting and machining. 
  • Cross train, coach and mentor to technically develop the turning team.
  • Continuously improve the turning department’s “collective technical brain”.
  • Coordinate and perform SMED processes. 
  • Coordinate and resolve machine breakdowns.

3. Developing disciplined people to have disciplined debate and take disciplined action as an aligned team

  • Coach and mentor in communication, collaboration and aligned team working skills.
  • Hold Quarterly Conversations with all direct reports.
  • To ensure production targets are achieved, when required, assist the team to program, set and operate CNC lathes. 
  • Performing whichever duties are necessary to cover sick, holiday, peak and over capacity loading requirements throughout the business.

4. Improving the internal and external quality outcomes of the department

  • Assisting with first off inspection.
  • Coaching and mentor robust, secure working methods and in-process inspection.
  • Stimulate a “better than the norm” quality mind-set. 
  • Participating in 8D-NCR investigations.
  • Following ISO9001:2015 procedures and feedback systems.

5. Developing the Turning Department processes to continually improve quality outcomes and workflow

  • Collating and reporting the turning department scorecard metrics.
  • Encourage and collate feedback and identify issues.
  • Chair the weekly Turning Department L10 meeting.
  • Complete quarterly “rock” projects and weekly “to do” action items.
  • Contribute to capital expenditure assessments and decisions.

Candidate Profile



Penta people are flexible, have a can do attitude, make work enjoyable for all, we are conscientious, and we strive for improvement in ourselves and the company. 


What does that look like in this job role?


When leading and managing the team

  • Expediting decision making when interacting with fellow employees using the “guiding light” to help make the best commercial, common-sense decision to resolve an issue.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude and calm demeanour when faced with difficulties.
  • Adopting a “can do” attitude and rising to the challenging situations that customers present. 
  • At the time of machine breakdowns, quickly assessing, recognising and calling in outside help if required so disruption is minimised.

When developing people

  • Using and disseminating your knowledge and experience to all fellow work colleagues to the benefit of all.
  • Ensuring that Penta remains an enjoyable and safe place of work for all.
  • Encouraging others to look and consider solutions to obstacles encountered before approaching colleagues to help expedite decision making.
  • Encouraging employees to operate multiple (2 or more) machines to maximise workflow without consistent “above the norm quality” suffering.
  • Being clear, balanced and honest, yet sensitive and supportive when giving input.

When improving processes

  • Embracing measurables as a way to watch, learn, internally grow and improve.
  • Leading by embracing new technology and processes, giving them a go and contributing to further improvements.
  • Asking questions rather than making statements to help improve understanding, consider different points of view and make better decisions quicker.
  • Mentoring and encouraging team input and commitment to bed in and sustain improvements.
  • Coordinating and helping the company plan and implement improvement projects as part of the normal day to day activities.
  • Being flexible and working extra hours to help bottom out projects.

When improving quality outcomes

  • Coaching and mentoring robust, stable working methods.
  • Anticipating and planning what first offs are due to minimise disruption. 
  • Affirming that in-process inspection by production employees is a given.
  • Communicating consistently and with respect to employees, whatever their position.

When considering the wider team

  • Helping with material deliveries if you are close to hand and available.
  • Using previously created parts wherever possible when production purchasing to avoid duplication.
  • Being conscientious and setting a good example about the use of personal mobile phones, moments of “respite” and break times.
  • Thinking creatively and being positive. Space is tight because it’s a valuable expense.