CNC Estimator & Account Manager

CNC Estimator & Account Manager



We are recruiting a CNC Estimator and Account Manager to join our busy Sales & Marketing Team.  They should be a strong team member, used to conscientiously prioritising tasks and have excellent attention to detail. As part of Penta, the individual will support the Sales & Marketing team, responsible for personally developed to manage 50% of the company orderbook, whilst minimising business risk entering the company to deliver sustained, profitable growth for the benefit of the whole Penta team.

All employees at Penta are expected to continually look for ways to develop themselves and the team by being active in weekly meetings and engaging positively with Penta's 'operating system' – the way we work. 

Mission - CNC Estimator & Account Manager


The CNC Estimator & Account Manager will be part of the Sales & Marketing team. The will personally develop to manage 50% of the company orderbook, thereafter increasing turnover by a minimum 16% per annum. Continuously improving the hourly rate, the mix of repeat production orders received, whilst minimising business risk entering the company to deliver sustained, profitable growth for the benefit of the whole Penta team.

Employee in meeting room


1. Account manage, pro-actively ‘on-board’ new A class customers, close orders and win the best mix of work to maximise flow and throughput.

  • Telephone potential A class customers to qualify new leads to develop strong partnerships and to gain a commercial advantage.
  • Manage order funnel to win 80% of orders from potential A class customers and deliver a consistent green scorecard.
  • Strive to improve hourly rate and the best mix of work.
  • Minimise risk through the company to protect margins.
  • Focus on quotes and components that fit our machining ‘envelope’ in repeat batch quantities or high value low quantities.

2. Prepare accurate detailed quotes.

  • Quality is built in at the start. Note concessions, special detail and intricacies to be managed whilst meeting ISO9001:2015 requirements.
  • Build in accurate design, material, tooling and subcontract costs, routings, program, set, inspection, run times and lead times.
  • Expedite turning quotes around in a timely manner to gain commercial advantage whilst maintain good “housekeeping”.
  • Establish and quote the best commercial prices and lead times to the benefit of the customer and Penta team.
  • Manage quote throughput to deliver green scorecard measures.

3. Machining Design Advice.

  • Reviewing customer drawings and models.
  • Discussing models and drawings with customers to gain commercial advantage, offering machining design advice to help build trust. 
  • Creating/altering drawings and models to reflect discussions.
  • Bottoming out issues with customer models to aid production.

4. Communicate and collaborate with the Sales & Marketing team and whole company to ensure the best results for all at Penta.

  • Consistently achieve personal KPI’s.
  • Without question help team mates to hit companywide goals.
  • Engage in daily and weekly departmental meetings for the greater good of the company.
  • Complete other duties to help cover sick, holidays and to get things done for the whole team result.

5. Continuously improve how the department operates to aid growth and strengthen margin.

  • Challenge current ways of working to make improvements.
  • Raise issues to be discussed at the weekly departmental meeting.
  • Come prepared and contribute at all meetings.
  • Work on self-development.
  • Create a network of great people you’d like to join the team.

Candidate Profile



Penta people are flexible, have a can do attitude, make work enjoyable for all, we are conscientious, and we strive for improvement in ourselves and the company. 


What does that look like in this job role?


When communicating with customers

  • Communicate with respect and do not talk down to people.
  • Share and document structured call scripts, questions to ask, responses to overcome common objections, closing techniques, mentor and guide staff.
  • Ask for help and brainstorm with others when struggling with an account, someone may be able to help.

When closing orders

  • Be conscientious in your use of time to manage your order funnel and improve flow.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and calm demeanour, irrespective of the difficulties being faced.
  • Have a can do attitude and win sub-contract orders when in house capacity is full.

When quoting

  • Constantly look to strike the right balance between being diligent and efficient.
  • Be conscientious and cover all bases to stop “margin burning issues” entering the business.
  • Don’t give discounts, strive to keep improving hourly rates, margins and lengthen lead times.
  • Accuracy saves time later.

Working in the Sales & Marketing team

  • Share knowledge and experience to maximise the whole team result.
  • Be flexible and assist colleagues with purchasing, processing, machining, packing and dispatching on urgent orders.
  • Help a team mate by squeezing through a quick quote when customers need urgent responses.
  • Be flexible and work extra hours to keeps scorecards green.

When helping customers with machining design advice

  • Be inquisitive and a “devil’s advocate” to aid problem solving to find the best outcome.
  • Be conscientious and bottom out the detail, great outcomes develop great customers.
  • Prioritise and use time effectively, there are always quotes that need processing
  • Help first to win customers hearts and minds.

Continuously improve by

  • Positively contributing to develop the right KPI’s, it helps you know what a good day looks like.
  • Let colleagues have their say, ask questions rather than make statements to improve understanding, consider different points of view and make better decisions.
  • Read and learn the EOS way, improve technical, communication and collaboration skills, it delivers for “WIIFM”.