Sales & Marketing Administrator

Sales & Marketing Administrator



We are recruiting a Sales & Marketing Administrator to join our busy Sales & Marketing Team. The successful applicant will be the first point of contact on the phone and email for most customer enquiries. They should be a strong team member, used to conscientiously prioritising tasks and have excellent attention to detail. As part of Penta, the individual will support the Sales & Marketing team, help to minimise risk entering the business to deliver sustained, profitable growth for the benefit of the whole Penta team.  

All employees at Penta are expected to continually look for ways to develop themselves and the team by being active in weekly meetings and engaging positively with Penta's 'operating system' – the way we work. 

Mission - Sales & Marketing Administrator


The Sales & Marketing Administrator will be accountable for supporting the Sales & Marketing team, to increase enquiries entered, help the team pre-qualify potential customers, be the first point of contact for customer enquiries and orders, manage departmental admin and look for opportunities to improve how the department operates to aid growth and strengthen margin. 

Employee in meeting room


1. Accurate and timely processing of customer enquiries

  • Quotation administration, entering on to Progress (ERP), producing “Penta” copies of drawings, preparing enquiry for full assessment.
  • Recording customer and enquiry details for handshake to the Estimator & Account Manager.
  • Recording marketing information.

2. Accurate and timely processing of customer orders 

  • Processing customer purchase orders, contract reviews, archiving and customer communication.
  • Preparing sales orders and sales / production “handshake”.
  • Coordinating communications between customers, preparation, production and updating systems and hard copy paperwork.
  • Good housekeeping of customer data.

3. Desk research to create a ‘list’ of potential A and B class customers

  • Understanding Penta’s customer persona to focus time and effort in the right areas.
  • Desk market research to create the ‘list’
  • Develop social media connections and to qualify the commercial potential in the list. 
  • Update the IMS (marketing automation) and Progress with contact details, preferences and qualifying notes.
  • Proactively maintain “warm touches” with attractive clients.

4. Departmental admin (reporting and scorecards)

  • Manage and prioritise your day to complete reporting and collating of figures for each department.
  • Good housekeeping of data to ensure accuracy.
  • Exhibit great communication to ensure needs of the departments are met.

5. Telephone and email ‘gatekeeper’

  • Manage incoming calls and direct them accordingly.
  • Manage the sales inbox, answering customer questions and following the quote procedure.
  • Develop an understanding of Penta’s ideal customer persona to better identify good business opportunities.

6. Continuously improve how the department operates to aid growth and strengthen margin

  • Embrace measures to know what a good day feels like.
  • Collate departmental measures and statistics to develop understanding.
  • Prepare, raise issues, debate and contribute in daily, weekly department L10 and quarterly State of the Company meetings.
  • Complete weekly “to dos” and quarterly “rocks”.
  • Work on self-development.
  • Create a network of great people you’d like to join the team.

Candidate Profile



Penta people are flexible, have a can do attitude, make work enjoyable for all, we are conscientious, and we strive for improvement in ourselves and the company. 


What does that look like in this job role?


When communicating with customers

  • Communicate with respect and do not talk down to people.
  • Share and document structured call scripts, questions to ask, responses to overcome common objections, closing techniques, mentor and guide staff.
  • Ask for help and brainstorm with others when struggling with an account, someone may be able to help.

When processing customer enquiries

  • Being conscientious to efficiently deliver a consistent high quality of work.
  • Learn from other about engineering drawings and specifications to develop personal skills.
  • Try and resolve a problem before disturbing the estimating and account management team.

When processing customer orders and contract review

  • Checking purchase order to quotation and drawing issue levels to save time later.
  • Be diligent: consistent “above the norm” quality starts at the beginning of the process. 
  • Plan administrative tasks outside prime telephone calling times to use time to the best effect. 
  • Be clear and honest when communicating with customers to uphold Penta’s reputation.

When researching, contacting and qualifying new customers

  • Using the information and processes in place, pro-actively research call and qualify potential new customers.
  • Help the sales team find the ‘right’ kind of customers to ensure profitability goals are met.
  • Develop knowledge of Penta’s service to help find and develop new customers.

Continuously improve by

  • Positively contributing to develop the right KPIs: it helps you know what a good day looks like.
  • Let colleagues have their say, ask questions rather than make statements to improve understanding, consider different points of view and make better decisions.
  • Read and learn the EOS way, improve technical, communication and collaboration skills: it delivers for “what's in it for me?”