Production Engineering & Quality Leader

Production Engineering & Quality Leader



A Production Engineering & Quality Leader with a strong CNC precision machining and engineering background is sought to strengthen our team to meet fast growing customer demand.

Our ISO 9001 accreditation and state of the art CNC machining capability is highly attractive to our diverse range of clients that demand precision and consistent quality in their engineered components.

We require a production engineering leader with a minimum of 15 years precision machining and production engineering experience. Candidates will have a progressive outlook together with a solid track record developing and planning both internal precision manufacturing and external subcontract processes to deliver consistent quality outcomes and service excellence.

Mission - Production Engineering & Quality Leader


The Production Engineering & Quality Leader will have accountability for the Production Engineering & Quality function to deliver continually improving internal and external quality outcomes, customer satisfaction, invoiced sales and gross margins achieved thus promoting sustainable, profitable internal growth to the benefit of the whole company and its employees. 

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1. Leadership, Management and Accountability (LMA) of the Production Engineering and Quality function

  • Make decisions for the greater good based on the V/TO, Penta Flywheel, LEAN and continuous improvement best practice.
  • Continuously improve the EOS five leadership abilities.
  • Continuously improve the EOS five management abilities.
  • Performing whichever duties are necessary to cover sick, holiday, peak and cover capacity loading requirements throughout the business. 

2. Production Engineering & Quality plans

  • Accountable for individual component production engineering and quality manufacturing process routings.
  • Produce standardised robust internal production engineering and quality manufacturing process routings.
  • Produce standardised robust external production engineering and quality manufacturing process routings.
  • Leading technical development of production engineering and quality manufacturing process.
  • Support the front-end team with production engineering and quality requirements for larger and complex potential customer contracts. 

3. Simplify, strucutre and systemise Penta's ISO9001:2015 LEAN quality system

  • Accountable for ISO 9001:2015 quality management system throughout the business.
  • Develop LEAN best practice in first off, in process, final inspection and related documentation.
  • Coordinate subcontract supplier development and approval.
  • Coordinate capital equipment expenditure assessments and recommendations. 

4. Production Engineering & Quality learning

  • Accountable for the 8D NCR process and customer communication.
  • Expediting 8D NCR meetings within 24 hours, investigations, decisions and implementation of the corrective and permanent preventative actions within 30 days.
  • Expedite weekly processing of works order feedback, investigations, decisions and implementation of improvement actions within 30 days.

5. Continuous improvement of Production Engineering & Quality department, team and self

  • Implement, report and monitor weekly scorecard and personal measurables.
    Coordinate the departmental daily and weekly L10 meeting pulse.
  • Complete quarterly “rock” projects and weekly “to do” action items.
  • Continuously improve production engineering and quality, simplified, structured, systemised LEAN processes, documented and followed by all. 

Candidate Profile



Penta people are flexible, have a can do attitude, make work enjoyable for all, we are conscientious, and we strive for improvement in ourselves and the company. 


What kind of person might see this role as a good fit?

  1.  A “we” thinker, rather than an “I” thinker, empathetic and low on ego.
  2.  A leader of people and champion of process.
  3.  Alert and curious, you see the detail, the risk, as well as the bigger picture.
  4.  Qualified by experience with engineering and manufacturing qualifications.
  5.  10+ years post apprenticeship hands-on knowledge of programming and setting CNC precision machining work experience.
  6.  5+ years experience production engineering practical knowledge and experience in planning and managing both internal processes and subcontract processes to deliver successful outcomes.
  7.  Personable, open, communicative with good questioning and listening skills to coach and develop the team.
  8.  Efficient, humbly confident, self-starter that will thrive in an entrepreneurial environment.
  9.  Analytical thinker with excellent problems solving skills.
  10.  Ability to project manage, lead change through a few focused KPI’s and continuous improvement.