Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager



Are you seeking a career shift that brings both fulfilment and a fresh wave of challenges in 2024?

Join Penta Precision, an innovative ISO9001 subcontract machining company shaping components for aerospace, medical, electronics, and scientific equipment manufacturers. Our forte lies in handling low to medium batch productions, working with diverse materials in a fast-paced, competitive, and precision-driven machining landscape. 

Penta has not just survived but thrived through the trials of Covid, and our journey continues with remarkable growth, striving to achieve our ambitious Core Target of becoming "the engineering company where everyone wants to work, and who everyone wants to buy from”.

Mission - Marketing Manager


As the Marketing Manager, you’ll be leading, developing, delivering and monitoring the company’s marketing plan. Reporting to the Head of Sales and Marketing you will collaborate closely with the wider Penta team. This pivotal role encompasses leading, managing and taking ownership of Penta’s marketing function to deliver sustainable, improving financial performance and great outcomes for the whole team within our ever-evolving company.

The ideal candidate will live Penta’s Core Values, embody humility, ambition and exceptional leadership skills.

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1. Leadership, Management and Accountability for Penta’s marketing function

  • Coordination of the marketing team & close collaboration with the estimation and account management team.
  • Continuously improve Penta's marketing machine to deliver class leading outcomes and results.
  • Communicate and collaborate with the wider Penta team to facilitate a " one team" mindset.
  • Continuously improve the EOS five leadership and management abilities.
  • Performing whichever duties are necessary to cover sick, holiday, peak and over capacity loading requirements throughout the business.

2. Work with the Penta team to continuously improve Penta’s marketing strategy

  • Develop a strong brand position based around the marketing strategy and ideal customer persona.
  • Work with the whole Penta team to create the marketing plan.
  • Use your skills and available resources to implement the marketing plan.
  • Contribute to annual budget planning, track the monthly spend across all marketing activities and operate within budget, whilst meeting core KPIs.
  • Use the whole of Penta’s team to create content that delivers value to the ideal customer persona, across multiple channels, to build the know, like and trust, engagement and cultivate long-term working relationships.

3. Accountable for multi-channel communication of the brand position and messaging to motivate the ideal customer persona to make contact

  • Continuously improve Penta’s marketing machine for multi-channel communication.
  • Ensure high quality communications at every touchpoint – reinforce Penta’s position through brand assets, tone, and visuals.
  • Coordinate and communicate through multiple channels including digital, social, organic, and paid, marketing automation, account-based marketing, list building, business development and account management calls, PR and industry awards.
  • Support the whole Penta team on external and internal communications, giving clear guidelines on communicating the Core Values, Penta Way, Penta Process and 3Cs.
  • Develop “platinum” account management to deliver long term customer value

4. Continually improve marketing outcomes and results

  • Monitor performance to ensure the plan is delivering for the business, working to agreed scorecards and measures.
  • Build the ideal customer list to continuously improve lead generation, potential quotes outstanding, order book, pricing and thus deliver the best gross and net margins possible.
  • Discuss, agree, and set measures to keep improving marketing outcomes and results.
  • Continually run split testing to measure and improve results.
  • Continuously improve content to increase the opportunity for lead generation.

5. Continuously improve the department and self

  • Embrace measures to know what a good day feels like.
  • Prepare, raise issues, debate, and contribute in daily, weekly, quarterly and State of the Company meetings.
  • Complete weekly “to dos” ad quarterly “rocks”.
  • Develop the immediate and wider team’s understanding in marketing.
  • Work on self-development.

Candidate Profile



Penta people are flexible, have a can do attitude, make work enjoyable for all, we are conscientious, and we strive for improvement in ourselves and the company. 


What does that look like in this job role?


When leading and managing the department:

  • Create a healthy, open environment to foster positive ideas and improvement.
  • Two ears, one mouth, ask questions, hear answers, be curious.
  • Have a can-do attitude to encouraging debate, be decisive, make decisions, take action.
  • Make work enjoyable, drive engagement, encourage feedback and let people be heard.
  • Be flexible, change the plan if it delivers a better outcome for the greater good.

When continuously improving the marketing strategy and delivery:

  • Strive for improvement to understand the industry, position, and persona.
  • Be conscientious to develop the right pulse and content for our customers.
  • Strive for improvement by creating a “one team” mindset within the department and wider team.
  • Be conscientious to look for the interesting within the (seemingly) mundane.
  • Have a can-do attitude to engaging the whole Penta team in the marketing effort.

When delivering the brand position though multi-channel messaging:

  • Don’t bash it out! Conscientiously deliver consistently high-quality communications and work.
  • Keep improving the process to capture and create great content touch points.
  • Look for ways to inspire others into living the Penta Way, Penta Proven Process and our 3Cs.
  • Give everyone a voice through the newsletter. Everyone matters at Penta.

When improving marketing outcomes and results:

  • Positively contributing to develop the right KPIs: it helps you know what a good day looks like.
  • Have a can-do attitude to improving the quality of the potential order funnel and outstanding order book.
  • Be flexible in ideas and can-do in your approach to split testing and monitoring results.
  • Be conscientious in using off track measures to raise issues, debate and implement the solutions.

When continuously improving the department and self:

  • Engage with the Penta Way to understand how the business operates. This sets out Penta’s vision, core values, and what makes it unique.
  • Help the team improve their knowledge and understanding of marketing, the lead generation process, it’s a one team effort.
  • Keep improving your industry, technical, communication and collaboration skills.
  • Consider the use of new technologies like AI and work to improve existing processes.
  • Self-develop to stay on top of all digital, advertising, SEO and social media best practice.

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