Lead Quality Inspector

Lead Quality Inspector



We are recruiting a Lead Quality Inspector to strengthen our team to meet fast growing customer demand.

Our ISO 9001 accreditation and state of the art CNC machining capability is highly attractive to our diverse range of clients that demand precision and consistent quality in their engineered components.

We are searching for a Lead Quality Inspector who, in addition to excellent inspection skills and experience, has the ability to insipre and mentor the wider production and inspection teams. It's about getting everyone excited about quality inspection, and helping to maintain our reputation of continually producing outstanding quality machined components.

All employees at Penta are expected to continually look for ways to develop themselves and the team by being active in weekly meetings and engaging positively with Penta's "operating system" – the way we work. 

Mission - Lead Quality Inspector


The Lead Quality Inspector will have accountability for the quality inspection function. They will be required to implement simplified, systemised documented quality inspection processes, and ensure they are followed by all. They will be required to coac and mentor the wider production team to continually improve quality outcomes.

Inspector using CMM


1. Leadership, Management and Accountability (LMA) for the day-to-day quality inspection and quality management system administration

  • Continuously improve the EOS five leadership abilities.
  • Continuously improve the EOS five management abilities. 
  • Hold quarterly conversations with direct reports.
  • Live the Core Values, Passion, Niche and Target. 
  • Perform whichever duties are necessary to cover sick, holiday, peak and over capacity loading requirements throughout the business. 

2. Daily and weekly coordination of inspection department activities

  • Coordinate and conduct final, first off and sub con inspection to meet production schedule needs.
  • Conduct direct quality queries with customers, account managers and preparation.
  • Attend, report to and coordinate with the daily SQDIP meeting.
  • Minimise first off, pre-sub-con, post sub-con inspection waiting time.  
  • Coordinate and participate in out of core hours first off inspection cover. 
  • Monitor and reporting daily, weekly, quarterly scorecard of metrics and outcomes.

3. Quality inspection technical lead and deployment

  • Quality inspection technical lead and advisor.
  • Coach and mentor on the deployment of Penta Manufacturing Approval Plans.
  • Coach and mentor on the deployment of inspection control plans.
  • Coach and mentor on inspection methods and equipment.
  • Check signatory on Penta manufacturing drawings.

4. Quality management system administration

  • Coordinate, administer immediate 8D-NCR investigation system within 24 hours of the event and assist in the implementation of immediate and permanent corrective actions. 
  • Control and administer calibration.
  • Control and administer supplier approvals. 
  • Administer the quality management system. 
  • Ensure works orders are completed for quality requirements.

5. Continuous improvement of the quality inspection team, process and self

  • Engage and participate is the production engineering and quality L10 meeting pulse.
  • Encourage and collate feedback and identify issues.
  • Complete quarterly “rock” projects and weekly “to do” action items.
  • Simplify, systemise and documented Progress centred lean quality inspection processes and get followed by all.
  • Ensure works orders are completed for quality requirements.

Candidate Profile



Penta people are flexible, have a can do attitude, make work enjoyable for all, we are conscientious, and we strive for improvement in ourselves and the company. 


What does that look like in this job role?


When leading and managing the team

  • Expediting decision making when interacting with fellow employees using the “guiding light” to help make the best commercial, common-sense decision to resolve an issue.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude and calm demeanour when faced with difficulties.
  • Adopting a “can do” attitude” and rising to the challenging situations that customers present. 
  • Striving to develop yourself and the team in exemplary team working.
  • Being conscientious and setting a good example about the use of personal mobile phones, moments of “respite” and break times.

When coordinating inspection department activities to assist the production schedule

  • Prioritising first off inspections to maximise production workflow.
  • Leading by being flexible so others follow to meet customers’ expectations whilst maintaining a healthy balance for colleagues.
  • Being conscientious to not over promise.
  • Being “a devil’s advocate” to keep a check on yourself, use highlighters and measurement notes to ensure thoroughness.
  • Communicating consistently and with respect to employees, whatever their position.

When leading technically

  • Mentoring so that in-process inspection by production employees is a given. 
  • Leading by embracing new technology and processes, giving them a go and contributing to further improvements.
  • Communicating consistently and with respect to employees, whatever their position.
  • When dealing with suppliers, giving clear, honest, sensitive and supportive communication. Avoiding talking down to people.

When administering the quality management system

  • Using and disseminating your knowledge and experience with colleagues for the benefit of all.
  • Mentoring and encouraging others to follow procedure.
  • Mentoring and encouraging team input and commitment to bed in and sustain improvements.
  • Managing your time to complete administrative tasks in quieter moments.

When developing the quality inspection department and self

  • Embracing measurables as a way to learn, internally grow and improve.
  • Asking questions rather than making statements to help improve understanding, consider different points of view and make better decisions quicker.
  • Encouraging and teasing out input from all team members.
  • Helping implement improvement projects as part of the normal day to day activities.
  • Self-develop through the internet, forums and books.