CNC Machining Operator

CNC Machining Operator



We are recruiting a CNC Machining Operator to join our production team. They will be responsible for producing high quality components for Penta's customers, time after time, liaising with colleagues across the business to follow procedures and develop best-practice methodologies. 

All employees at Penta are expected to continually look for ways to develop themselves and the team by being active in weekly meetings and engaging positively with Penta's "operating system" – the way we work. 

Mission - CNC Machining Operator


Penta's CNC Machining Operators work together to consistently produce 'better than the norm' quality of components, using robust working methods, whilst maximising machining efficiency and machine utilisation. They should embrace continuous improvement to deliver better production flow and quality outcomes, thus contributing to Penta's journey to become "the engineering company where everyone wants to work and who everyone wants to buy from".

5-axis CNC machine with programmer, setter, operator


1. Operating multiple CNC machines.

  • Learn to operate all machine types.
  • Assist programmer setters in any way to clean down and get the next job going.
  • Deburr and finishing operations in cycle, shout out if assistance is necessary.
  • Learn about “5s” and improve your working environment.
  • At the end of shift, leave the next component ready to roll in the morning.

2. Consistently produce “better than the norm” quality of components.

  • Follow robust work holding and working methods.
  • Conduct required in process inspection to validate processes.
  • Produce finished components to be proud of.
  • Keep count.

3. Maximise machining efficiency and machine utilisation

  • Always work to beat planned card times.
  • Communicate and collaborate with team mates to maximize machines in-cycle and machine utilisation.
  • Collaborate to assist programmer setters to expedite getting jobs up and running.  
  • Support colleagues and the team with sick or holiday cover.

4. Contribute with other departmental tasks.

  • Bench work, tool fitting and other assembly work where necessary
  • Operating manual metal cutting machinery, e.g. centre lathes, universal milling machines, and surface grinders.
  • Assisting with material deliveries where necessary.
  • Take the lead in good housekeeping to assist the team.

5. Proactively contribute to the milling/turning department’s continuous improvement activities.

  • Play an equal part in the milling/turning weekly L10 meeting.
  • Red flag issues and opportunities for improvement.
  • 100% completion of “to do’s” within 14 days.
  • Complete one Rock per quarter.
  • Follow ISO9001:2015 procedures and feedback systems.

Candidate Profile



A business is its people. Healthy, smart, aligned team working is the key ingredient for Penta to thrive and deliver the best work life experience for its employees. Our “guiding lights” are the company’s Core Values, Penta’s business plan (VT/O) and Flywheel, together with the Lean principles of removing the 8 wastes and adding value.

Penta people need to be great technicians, communicators and collaborators. The company’s strength emanates from having disciplined people, engaged in disciplined debate and taking disciplined action in the best interests of the company and the whole team.

Penta people are flexible, have a can do attitude, make work enjoyable for all, we are conscientious, and we strive for improvement in ourselves and the company. 


What does that look like in this job role?


When operating machines;

  • Go one step further and test how many machines you can keep running to help colleagues to focus on programming and setting other machines.
  • Use your experience to suggest improvements that come to light through operating.
  • Develop both your manual and CNC machine operating skills.
  • To help expedite decision making, firstly think through two or three approaches to obstacles encountered before approaching colleagues.

When producing “better than the norm” quality of components;

  • Be conscientious with in process inspection and deburring.
  • Be conscientious and use allocated material, seek approval if more material is needed.
  • Engage and contribute at 8D investigations so we learn from our mistakes.
  • Being clear, balanced and honest, yet sensitive and supportive when giving input.

When working to maximise machining efficiency and machine utilisation;

  • Ensuring that Penta’ remains an enjoyable and safe place of work for all.
  • Use time effectively, there’s always someone that needs a helping hand.
  • Lead by embracing new technology and processes, giving them a go and contribute to further improvements.
  • Encourage employees to operate multiple (2 or more) machines to maximise workflow and aid others on setting operations.

When helping with other departmental tasks;

  • Never let anyone struggle, help out
  • Being conscientious and setting a good example about the use of personal mobile phones, moments of “respite” and break times.
  • Use time effectively, there’s always someone that needs a helping hand.
  • Keep a tidy work area.

When working on departmental continuous improvement;

  • Be positive about the need to have a KPI focus to help drive and monitor progress.
  • Use your experience to red flag issues.
  • Ask questions rather than make statements to help improve understanding, consider different points of view and make better decisions quicker.
  • Rise to the challenge of something new and “give it a go”, we need to be ahead of the game.