Stainless Steel R&D Prototype

Stainless Steel RD Prototype-2

Penta's prototype component service helps a UK domestic appliance company meet a tight product development deadline.



A UK domestic appliance company contacted us for urgent stainless steel R&D pre-production prototype components for manufacture technique and product evaluation trials in China.


The Problem

The stainless steel prototype component was quoted while the design was still being finalised with a turnaround required in 13 working days.


Initial Assessment

Despite other existing tight production commitments and the three to five days delivery timescale for the stainless steel material, we initially quoted for delivery in the required timescale from receipt of order to final design.


The Penta Solution

Once the order was placed with us there was the added frustration of a further seven-day delay due a rework of the prototype component design. Once given the final go-ahead, we completed the work in less than ten working days.


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