How Penta Helped Accutronics To Secure A Core Long-Term Contract

Milled aluminium side plate


Accutronics is a leading UK specialist in the design, development and manufacture of smart battery solutions for high-performance portable and handheld electronics.

The Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire company has more than 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing batteries and chargers for applications including medical technology, military, industrial and portable electronics.

Accutronics believes in forging long-term customer partnerships to create battery solutions that deliver reliability, functionality, safety, performance and commercial value. Its company heritage combines cutting edge technology in battery packs, smart electronics and plastic moulding.

The Problem

A global medical equipment OEM offered Accutronics a new opportunity for smart high-performance portable batteries and charging docking stations.

Accutronics would be manufacturing the batteries and docking stations for high net value hospital equipment such as scanners. Complex moving parts were a key feature of the apparatus. 

The OEM required a charging docking station manufactured from aluminium – but elements of the contract were slightly outside Accutronics’ normal area of expertise.

The Solution

Accutronics partnered with Penta as a trusted existing supplier. We worked together to help develop the machining manufacturing design to meet the OEM’s functionality, finish and market pricing expectations. The project involved:

  • specific grades of aluminium raw material
  • flatness and surface finish requirements
  • delicate thread detail
  • specialist fastenings requirements
  • a specific corporate paint finish.


The partnership worked well. Successful prototyping and pre-production runs enabled Accutronics to secure orders and grow an important long-term contract in a core area of the business. The contract has been running since 2014.

Accutronics said...

“Accutronics made contact with Penta when we needed an aluminium fabricated product that fell slightly outside our normal area of expertise.

“Penta was a trusted machining supplier that had helped us on a plastic moulding project previously.

“Using Penta’s experience of aluminium machining – and working together to develop the machining manufacturing design – enabled Accutronics to achieve the correct functionality, finish and market pricing expectations.

“This product has now become a long-standing order for Accutronics. This has led to more work for Penta on this project and others, including plastic machining for the medical industry.

“We’ve been working with Penta for seven years now. Their communication throughout the process is great; we rely on Penta for prototyping, pre-production runs as well as full production.

“Penta has always taken care of any machining projects placed. We hope to carry on this partnership for many years to come.”

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