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We are proud that Penta has become a trusted machining partner for customers right across the UK.

But don’t just take our word for it; take a moment to read through the testimonials, collected during our annual ISO 9001 customer survey.

The sensitive industries we serve means that customer feedback on our website must remain anonymous. We understand that for some people this undermines the testimonials’ credibility and we are therefore happy to share further details when we have established your genuine interest.

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aluminium machined part


Aerospace and Military Applications

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, PEEK Milling and Delrin Machining

"Both Edward and Sam are fantastic employees that are easily reachable and communicative if we ever need to anything."

Jordan – Supervisor

Dental Application, Medical Healthcare Industry

Requirement: Stainless Steel Micro Machining

"A provision of exceptional expertise and professionalism that in todays fast pace, cost cutting, environment, is hard to find. I would have no hesitation in recommending Penta to any prospective customer."

Phil – MD/Owner

Particle Detection and Filtration

Requirement: Brass, Aluminium, Polypropylene, HDPE, UHMWPE, Stainless Steel (316/304/303) Turning and Milling / Call off Orders

"We have a positive long standing relationship with Penta Precision. They are always friendly and professional, and respond to any queries quickly and promptly.

We trust both the quality and the capability of Penta when supplying us with product and hope our working relationship only continues to grow and develop."

Abi – Purchasing Assistant

Medical Filter Manufacturer

Requirement: Tool Steel and Specialist Finishing

"I’ve always been very happy with the performance, support and overall quality of service that Penta has provided over the years"

James - Senior Development Engineer


Requirement: Aerospace Machining, Plastic Machining, Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, CNC Milling, CNC Turning

"Overall excellent service, parts are delivered on time to an acceptable standard. Sales and quotation team are very responsive to our enquires."

David - Supplier Quality Engineer

Food Preparation/Washdown Products

Requirement: Stainless Steel Machining, Acetal Turning

"Penta have been a real help to QJS.  Our urgent need to find a local manufacturer of some vital components for our food factory Sanitising machines, Penta have risen to the challenge like champions.  From us sending samples & drawings to Edward, they’ve quoted promptly, sorted the drawing anomalies with the original designer, fast tracked the production run, and delivered the quality finished goods in a very timely manner, we can be nothing but impressed."

Phil – Operations Manager

Sheet Metal and Fabrication – General Subcontract

Requirement: Aluminium Plate Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

"Barlow Sheet Metal Ltd use Penta as we know the parts will be delivered on time correct and to a very high standard."  

Andy - Customer Service Office Manager

PCB Design and Electronics    

Requirement: Stainless Steel High Volume Turning with Nickel Plating Finish, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

"Good service, good product and good people!"

Shana – Materials Buyer

OEM Component Manufacture

Requirement: Plastic Machining

"Prompt communications and willing to help"

Robert – Quality Manager

Measurment and Metrology Equipment

Requirement: Aluminium 6082T6, Clear Hard Anodising, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

"Excellent service, friendly and helpful staff. Never had a non-conformance on our system for Penta Precision."

Steve – Purchasing & Logistics

OEM Component Manufacture

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

"Overall really happy with Penta’s service, you’re absolutely one of our most valued suppliers. Quality is always fantastic, quote turnaround times are excellent, and your team are always happy to help. Some of our parts are particularly difficult to machine and I appreciate the effort your quoting team go to in trying to work a solution for us."

Mark - Project Procurement and Quality Specialist

Diagnostic Instrumentation for Medical and Veterinary Testing, Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

Requirement: White (Natural) PVC Machining (Milling)

"Great service and communication"

Nadiya – Purchasing Officer

Military Electronics

Requirement: High Volume Aluminium Milling

"Our first order was professionally executed to the required standard. Communication was good."

Martin – Applications Engineer

Subsea Tensile Link Design

Requirement: Acetal and Aluminium Machining including Engraving

"Penta Precision have consistently provided us with excellent service and fast turnaround times, which is reinforced by their attentive and customer focused team, who maintain a high standard of communication throughout the process."

Nick – Operations Manager

Marine Industry

Requirement: Plastic - Ertalyte Machining with some assembly

"Penta provide an excellent service from start to end. Friendly and knowledgeable consultant and advice, superb communication throughout, outstanding attention to detail, flawless engineering and machining, on time supply, transparent pricing, clear and accurate paperwork. A genuine pleasure to do business with."

Simon - Head of Fleet Maintenance

Aerospace Industry

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

"Penta Precision delivered an excellent service with a standard turnaround. The work was of a sublime level and the level of communication right from the start was outstanding."

Ben - Technician


Requirement: Short lead time complex Stainless Steel Machining, Aluminium Machining (Milling & Turning)

"I'm very grateful to have a supplier like Penta that we can rely on to deliver high quality, precision parts within the short timescales that we sometimes require. Please keep up the good work."

Mark - Project Procurement & Quality Specialist

Measurement Systems

Requirement: Low volume Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

"I have used Penta Precision for 4 years and have never had any issues with quality or the service we have received. I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a supplier of precision parts."

Steve - Purchasing

Pharmaceutical Industry

Requirement: Reverse Engineering, Manufacturing Design Advice, Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, Plastic Machining

"Customer service is always very professional with everything done to a great detail expertise. Final product is also to a very high standard."

Russell - Engineering Maintenance for Production Lines

Medical OEM

Requirement: Plastic Machining

"Highly recommended and customer orientated company. Professional team which meet requests in a timely manner, supportive and cooperative."

Nadiya - Purchasing Officer

Aerospace Industry

Requirement: Plastic (Nylon) Machining

"My department acts as a conduit for the rest of our company (NATS) so we get all different and unusual requests. We were requested to get manufactured a bespoke tablet holder that my colleagues had designed and I was recommended Penta Precision by another colleague. The work was carried out to a high specification and was completed well within the time frame quoted.

I would not think twice of using Penta Precision in the future and would thoroughly recommend them."

Lee - CMS Supervisor

Vacuum, Leak Detection and Pressure Systems OEM

Requirement: Batch Production Aluminium Machining

"You have excellent staff that care about customers like us to keep our business."

Philip - Chairman

Aerospace Industry

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel (Aerospace Grades) Machining, Plastic Machining (Turning & Milling)

"Overall excellent service, parts are delivered on time to an acceptable standard. Sales and quotation team are very responsive to our enquiries."

David - Supplier Quality Engineer

Electronics Industry

Requirement: Brass Machining, Aluminium Machining (Turning & Milling)

"A pleasure to deal with, friendly & precise."

Shana - Materials Buyer

Marine and Energy

Requirement: Reverse Engineering, Aluminium Milling

"Overall very good communication & always had time to meet to discuss the project when required, I would use Penta Precision for future orders."

Chris - Global Field Service Co-ordinator

Medical Healthcare 

Requirement: Tool Steel Machining, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

"You are certainly one of the best supplier’s I deal with"

Alex - Supply Chain Controller

Bespoke Office Partitioning

Requirement:Production Plastic Machining, Aluminium Machining, Mild Steel Machining

"Very professional in everything they do."

John - Operations Co-ordinator

Aerospace Industry

R & D, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

"I’ve always been very happy with the performance, support and overall quality of service that Penta has provided over the years"

James - Senior Development Engineer, R&D • Aerospace

Electronics OEM

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

"The quotes and products which Penta have supplied have always met our requirements. As some of the products we required are from projects started back in the eighties Penta have been very helpful in coming up with alternative material or better build standards. Also they have never come up with a no bid."

David - Test Engineering Manager/ Project Leader


Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

"It has been a pleasure to work with Penta Precision with clear, concise and accurate communication and products exactly meeting our specification."

Anthony - Quality Manager

Commercial OEM

Requirement: Plastic Machining, Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

"I have always found Penta to be very professional when dealing with them. I find good communication to be very important which Penta excel at."

Ben - Buyer

FMCG Healthcare and Optics

Requirement: Plastic Machining, Aluminium Machining, Stainless steel Machining

"Penta Precision has provided excellent service to the company. They provide a friendly, professional and prompt service to our business's needs. Penta always meets our dimensioning requirements for bespoke products on time. I would recommend their service to anyone looking for machining."

Matthew  - Process Engineer

Medical OEM

Requirement: Plastic Machining, Aluminium Machining

"Penta Precision were able to take my original part designs and use their extensive engineering experience to make improvements to them. All of which was handled with exemplary customer service, which left me feeling in complete control of the project."

Robert - Project Engineer

Medical OEM

Requirement: Plastic Machining, Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

"Penta Precision have been another 'engineering arm' to our organisation for over 5 years, during which they have provided support from conceptualisation through to manufacture and cost reduction objectives.

I would strongly recommend Penta Precision as they are a reliable, honest, UK Manufacturer who's quality is only believable when you see it. The team are genuine, friendly and approachable and unlike some other manufactures it's clear the team believe that 'customer satisfaction' is fundamental for the success of their business."

Lee - Purchasing Manager

Commercial OEM

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

"Penta offer a first class service where quality and customer service are paramount."

Paul – Production Buyer

Commercial OEM

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

"Parts always delivered on time, in spec and well packaged all for the right right"

Ben - Buyer

Electronics Industry

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

"Customer service is excellent, on the odd occasion we have had an issue it has always been rectified without fuss and quickly to a high standard. Always willing to help with any new difficult designs and have helped with time dependencies where they can."

Hayley- Chief Operating Officer 


Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

"Very happy with the service I receive from the team at Penta, quality is second to none and the agreed lead time is always delivered to, I would recommend Penta services."

Mike - Cove

Candle Manufacturing

Requirement: Plastic Machining

"Penta Precision produced a couple of polished acrylic candle mould prototypes for us. These prototype mould were used to make duplicates of in silicone for the main production run of candles. The moulds had to be very accurate as the moulds were in two parts and need to fit together perfectly. Penta Precision produced the mould to the exact size and within the time that we needed. I will definitely use them again for any future projects."

Matt - Contract Candles Ltd 

Electronics Industry

Requirement: Aluminium Machining

"What I appreciate the most about working with Penta is the ease of placing orders keeping everyone happy, and deliver the expected results."

Gail - Buyer


FMCG Non-food

Requirement: Aluminium Machining

"Penta Precision provide an excellent service. They always deliver in the timescale they say they can. They are a very forward thinking company that enjoy sharing their vast experience in multiple manufacturing sectors."

John - Test Engineer

Commercial OEM

Requirement: Plastic Machining

"A committed customer focused business, consistently striving to meet our needs."

Tony - Engineer

Commercial OEM

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, Tool Making Jigs and Fixtures

"Penta Precision provide an excellent service to us. They offer a helpful, professional and friendly service. I would recommend anyone looking for sub-contracting machining use them."

Peter - Business Development Manager 

International Research Project

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Prototype Machining, Bespoke Heatsink Manufacture

"Penta were excellent. The parts were exactly as specified and delivered on time. Penta also responded quickly to all our enquiries. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

Greg - Research Scientist 


OEM Component Manufacturer 

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

''Parts arrived today, and your delivery gives me plenty of time for subsequent assembly and testing etc. This has really helped me to get out of trouble, so thanks very much to you and all at Penta, and I will certainly use you again when the time comes."

Tim – Buyer

Precision Sheet Metal Industry 

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

"Penta are like “Ronseal”, they do what it says on the Tin. Excellent communication with good technical feedback. Quality products, at competitive prices."

Peter - Managing Director 

Electronics Industry 

Requirement: Toolmaking Jigs and Fixtures

"Penta have first class machinists, typical of tool room quality and  you get quick turn round from supplied drawings to finished parts, on all development or small repeat projects."

Ian - Production Engineer 

Precision Sheet Metal Industry

Requirement: CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

"Very professional service from quote to delivery excellent quality."

Steve - Managing Director 


Scientific and Engineering Consultancy

Requirement: Stainless Steel Machining, Prototype Machining

"My requirement was for a small prototype quantity, with a short lead time. Penta gave me a prompt quote, and delivered quality parts within my timescale. They tick all the boxes."

Tim - Director 

Marine OEM 

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

"Good supplier of small machined parts to us who has taken a proactive approach to satisfying our requirements. Good response and delivery reliability."

Simon - Supply Chain Manager

Test Equipment OEM

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

"Penta Precision always supply goods to a high standard and are very proactive in ensuring the product provided is the most suitable, suggesting alternatives where applicable. Customer service levels are very good and every effort is made to meet and exceed customer expectations."

Karen - Buyer

Design Consultancy in Electronics and Computing

Requirement: Plastic Machining

''I'd just like to say thank you for turning this job around so quickly. We received the goods a day earlier than scheduled and they were of excellent quality. We will use Penta again most definitely.''

James - Principal Engineer


Life Sciences 

Requirement: Brass Precision Engineering

''I have been showing off the brass needles that you made and it's fair to say that everyone here are really impressed with the intricacy of machining, and staggered that you managed to achieve what you did. Well done. You should be really proud of that and I'm sure more engineers will be looking to put work your way in the future.''

Richard - R&D Engineer

OEM Industry Sector

Requirement: Aluminium Machining

''I am very impressed with the quality and finish of the parts. They are now being painted so we will be able to start building next week. I have another part that I would like a quote on for a new product we are doing. Many thanks.''

Andrew - Head Designer

Electronics Industry

Requirement: Precision Machining & Components, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

"Very attentive and efficient company to deal with."

Grant - Production Engineer

Medical and Healthcare

Requirement: Stainless Steel Machining, CNC Milling and Turning, Toolmaking, Jigs and Fixtures

''I am writing to acknowledge the receipt pallet press top plate. The parts fits our design specifications and I am very pleased with the overall quality of the part. I am looking forward to working with you again.''

Kasun - R&D Process Engineer


Microchip Test Equipment OEM - Diagnosys

Requirement: Plastic Machining, Aluminium Machining

''Just to say that the quality of the parts you produce for us (in particular the small PEEK parts) is absolutely excellent. No other suppliers we've previously used have been able to match this quality, so many thanks.''

Chris - Design Engineer

Marine OEM

Requirement: Precision Machining & Components, Aluminium Machining, Stainless steel Machining, Prototype Machining, Toolmaking, Jigs & Fixtures

"I'd just like to say my thanks for the quality level and prompt delivery of the prototypes and jigs that you produced for me during the start of the year. I would consider Penta the best subcontract company I've worked with whilst working here."

Marc - Development Engineer

Aerospace & Defence Repair Industry

Requirement: Precision Machining & Components, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

"Penta took on a difficult challenge with enthusiasm and, despite of a few difficulties in process, responded well and produced a first class product. We would happily use them again and are exploring further opportunities."

Brian - Operations Manager

 Electronics Industry

Requirement: Precision Machining & Components, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Carbon Steel Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Penta were extremely helpful in developing a new type of work for us both."

Michael - Production Engineer


Life Support in Defence Industry

Requirement: Precision Machining & Components, Stainless Steel Machining, Carbon Steel Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"We rate customer service, delivery performance and manufacturing quality as excellent. We are happy with the performance of Penta which has been carried out in a professional and friendly manner and we look forward to a mutually beneficial working relationship."

Michael - Quality Assurance and Materials Manager

OEM Electronics Testing Industry

Requirement: Precision Machining & Components, Stainless Steel Machining, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"I'd just like to thank you again for turning this part around in a very small amount of time. Your service has been nothing short of superb, from initial enquiry, right through to delivery time. I'm definitely looking forward to working with you again on future projects."

Alan - Design Engineer

Industrial OEM Industry

Requirement: Precision Machining & Components, Stainless Steel Machining, Aluminium Machining, CNC Milling & Turning, Prototype Machining

"We use Penta because we know we will always get good quality, always on time. Whether it's a large complex job or a response to an urgent request, Penta are always helpful, and always deliver."

Jonathan - R & D Engineer

Broadcast, Communications and Electronics Industry

Requirement: Precision Machining & Components, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

"Penta Precision have supported us and our customers for approximately five years. Their pricing is competitive, with quality levels and delivery performance being consistently excellent. They communicate well and are responsive to the production deadline pressures that every company must overcome from time to time."

Phillip - Director

Life Sciences – Pall Europe

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Toolmaking, Jigs & Fixtures

"Penta Precision are increasingly involved at an early stage of tooling design due to their extremely valuable technical assistance and guidance. Throughout our working relationship - dating back to 1999 - Penta Precision have been a faultless business partner. Product quality is excellent, pricing is competitive and deliveries are always on time. Reliability is a particular strength and is at the core of our business relationship. Our customers dictate demanding deadlines and Penta's flexibility and responsiveness have been crucial in helping us meet these requirements."

Matthew - Senior R&D Engineer

Aircraft Cabin Interior Components

Requirement: Aircraft Interior & Seat Components, Aluminium Machining

"Penta Precision take care with the products they make for us and are always attentive to our needs - from quotation through to delivery."

Andrew - Director

Electronics Machinery and Equipment Industry

Requirement: Precision Machining & Components, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

"We have selected Penta Precision to supply many of our machine components over the years and have always found their quality and delivery to be top class. In today's cut-throat manufacturing market, Penta have proved they are competitive even when up against competition from the Far East."

Malcolm - Director

Electronic Test OEM 

Requirement: Plastic Machining

''First look at the new parts and they look very very good - I hope you guys are as pleased with them as we are!''

Chris - R&D Engineer


Automotive Equipment            

Requirement: Prototype Machining

"For one urgent requirement, Penta's willingness to help was certainly appreciated, and their rapid response enabled us to complete our testing within the very short timescale available."

Alan - Senior R&D Engineer

Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment

Requirement: Prototype Machining

"Penta have very friendly, professional staff who've always been able to deliver on all the work I've placed with them - on time, even with the very shortest of time lines."

Nouri - Senior R&D engineer

Electronics Industry

Requirement: Precision Machining Components, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

"In the five years we've been working with Penta, their friendly attitude has never changed. Nor has the high standard they always supply. These two points make them our number one supplier of machined parts."

Kevin - Director

Pharmaceutical, FMCG and Industrial Equipment

Requirement: Pharmaceutical Engineering & Machining, Packaging & Processing Machinery, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"In short, they pull out all the stops to give you what you want, when you want it (if not before), with the highest quality of product. I would recommend them any day."

Richard - Manufacturing Engineer


Pharmaceutical Industry 

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Toolmaking, Jigs & Fixtures

"Penta is a precision engineering company that is genuinely customer focused. Their outstanding reliability in delivering short lead times is essential in supporting a company operating in the competitive, quality driven health care industry."

Matthew - Product and Process Development

Banking Equipment 

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Penta provide a quality service with expedient manufacturing lead times."

Stuart - Research and Development Engineer

Precision Sheet Metal Industry

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Your delivery dates are always met. Quality of work is always good. A very good service."

Frank - Purchasing

Electronic and Communication Enclosures

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"We can always rely on the quality of your work."

Robert - Group Quality Manager

Cash Counting Equipment 

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Penta has responded quickly and efficiently to our requests which have been very demanding. Without their support we would have struggled to meet our deadlines. It has been a real pleasure to work with a dedicated engineering team that take on board the work load and deliver a good quality component on time."

Mike - R & D Engineer


Computer Manufacturer 

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"It is always a pleasure to deal with Penta Precision. Work is always completed on time, billed at the quoted amount and most importantly right first time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Penta."

Mike – R & D Engineer

Industrial Filtration Industry

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"To be confident that an accurately manufactured part will arrive on the agreed deadline is invaluable and increasingly rare. Penta give us this confidence."

Paul - R&D Manager

Health Care Industry

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Penta have been very responsive to my company's needs with a fast turn around and consistent quality."

Ken - Engineering Team Leader

Fire Detection Equipment 

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"The quality is excellent and the lead time was very swift."

John - Test Engineer

Life Sciences

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Excellent service with full commitment from all at Penta."

Mark - R&D Engineer


Life Sciences 

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Toolmaking, Jig & Fixtures

"Penta are very reliable in terms of sticking to agreed delivery dates - something that many other suppliers claim but rarely deliver."

Matthew - R & D Engineer

PCB Manufacture 

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"In our dealings with Penta Precision we have found them to be very committed to our needs, keeping us informed on the progress or our orders."

Derek - Purchasing

Communications Equipment

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Aluminium Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Penta Precision is a very professional and helpful company, turning out very good quality work."

Jon - Production and Materials Planning

Life Support Equipment – Atmosphere Control International

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Penta Precision offers a highly professional, competitive and above all quality service. As one of our approved suppliers, we look forward to continuing to benefit from the close and ever-improving relationship."

Adrian - Purchasing

Metal Forming to the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Medical and Telecom Industries

Requirement: Prototype Machining, Plastic Machining, CNC Milling & Turning

"Excellent service and response to tight lead times."

Ian - Director


Cable Manufacturer

Requirement: Toolmaking, Jigs & Fixtures

"A very friendly, helpful and efficient company."

Peter - Purchasing

International OEM 

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Prototype Machining

''Our requirements are usually related to prototyping ideas where a quick turnaround and good communication is required. With all my dealings with Penta Precision this has certainly been the case.''

Mandy - R&D Manager

Personal Communications OEM 

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining

''Penta's quality and delivery times cannot be faulted!''

Paul - Quality Inspector

Medical OEM

Requirement: Prototype Machining

''Good fast service. Will be happy to use again when required.''

 Anthony - R&D Engineer

Electronic OEM 

Requirement: Plastic Machining, Aluminium Machining

''I have recently received a very good & speedy service which included fast turnaround of my order, very good & honest communication with my contact Mark & felt informed & up-to-date with the process of my job.''

Dylan - Buyer


Medical Analysis OEM

Requirement: Plastic Machining, Aluminium Machining, Prototype Machining

''Penta managed to turn my (amateur) 2D drawing into an accurate and very well machined part which some other suppliers had been unable to manufacture.''

Dave - Design Engineer

Defence OEM

Requirement: Stainless Steel Machining

''We have been using the services of Penta Precision for two years, and throughout this period we have found the company to be most helpful in providing assistance when required, resulting in great benefits.''

Mick - Q.A & Materials Manager

Precision Fabrication Services 

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Stainless Steel Machining

''Penta are always helpful by turning quotations round on the same day and always delivering on the day requested. With the tight delivery schedules required these days, it's paramount we have vendors who can attain high standards and Penta certainly fit this criteria.''

Andy - Customer Service Manager

Oil & Gas Monitoring OEM

Requirement: Plastic Machining

''I was impressed with the quality of the product and service provided by Penta.''

Duane - Project Manager


Camera Monitoring OEM 

Requirement: Plastic Machining

''Penta Precision achieved tight machining tolerances on plastic components that were thought to be impossible.''

Michael - Manufacturing Engineer

Marine OEM

Requirement: Stainless Steel Machining, Aluminium Machining

''Penta were very efficient, understood our requirement and delivered the quality of product we required on time.''

James - Technical Service Manager

Marine Products

Requirement: Stainless Steel Machining, Aluminium Machining

''Penta have always managed to do a good job in the time required and at a decent price. We have never had any reason to complain about the service offered.''

James - R&D Engineer

Packaging and Processing Machinery OEM

Requirement: Plastic Machining, Aluminium Machining, Stainless Steel Machining, Packaging & Processing Machinery

''Penta have always supplied excellent quality and completely reliable deliveries. No hesitation in recommending them.''

Barry - Quality & Production Engineer


 Scientific R&D Industry

Requirement: Aluminium Machining, Plastic Machining, Prototype Machining

''Within our research group we have a requirement for high precision components to support our prototype microfluidic devices. Penta have supplied all our high precision components in a time frame that suits the rapid turnaround of prototyping.''

Daniel - R&D Scientist