Packaging Machinery Spare Part

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Packaging Machinery Spare Part

4th Nov 2013

Packaging Machinery Spare PartPenta's toolmaking and aluminium machining skills answer an urgent requirement from a pharmaceutical manufacturer


Following an operational breakdown, we received a request from a pharmaceutical health care product manufacturer to help with their urgent requirement for a packaging machinery spare part.

The Problem

The components were damaged beyond use and Marchesini, the Italian machine manufacturer, were offering a lead time in excess of six weeks for the replacement parts.

Initial Assessment

With only digital photographs to base our quotation on, we estimated a seven-day turnaround from receipt of the sample part and were given the go ahead by the customer.

The Penta Solution

After lengthy discussions on how the component functioned and what the critical features were, we used our extensive reverse engineering and aluminium machining skills to manufacture two duplicate aluminium anodised components in just seven days and at a significantly lower cost than the Italian OEM.

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"I'm very grateful to have a supplier like Penta that we can rely on to deliver high quality, precision parts within the short timescales that we sometimes require. Please keep up the good work." Mark - Project Procurement & Quality Specialist

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