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Nylon Machining Service

Nylon refers to the group of plastics known as Polyamides. Brand names include Nylatron®, Tecamid® and Nylacast®.

Penta uses its 60 collective years experience of machining nylon to provide the highest quality machined parts. This cumulative knowledge means we understand the importance of sharp, bespoke tooling to ensure swarf clearance, avoiding any bruising or distortion to drilled holes.

Our customers rely on our:

  • Precision milled nylon parts
  • Precision turned nylon parts
  • Nylon machining design advice
  • High quality, bespoke service

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''I am writing to acknowledge the receipt pallet press top plate. The parts fits our design specifications and I am very pleased with the overall quality of the part. I am looking forward to working with you again.'' Kasun - R&D Process Engineer

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