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Aluminium Cast Tooling Plate Machining

A Guide to aluminium cast tooling plate CNC Machined Parts: Properties, Applications and Design Considerations

What is Aluminium Cast Tooling Plate?Aluminium Tooling Plate Machined Enclosure Lid

As the name implies aluminium cast tooling plate is manufactured using a casting process, giving the material a fine granular structure. The plate’s two main faces have a machined finish to Ra 0.4 - 0.8 ųm, typically protected with thin polycoat film.

Cast tooling plate is most commonly available in the UK in subtly different 5000 series aluminium grades. However cast tooling plate is also available in both 6000 and 7000 series aluminium, although this is not readily available in the UK.

Conventional aluminium plate is manufactured from forged wrought ingots rolled to size and heat treated.

Cast aluminium tooling plate is manufactured close to finish thickness by a horizontal continuous aluminium flow casting process delivering a uniform fine grain structure.

The cast plate is then heat treated above 370°C for close to 10 hours to fully anneal (stress relieve) to remove any manufacturing stresses. The cast plate is then lightly machined to its finished size and protective films applied.

Main Attributes of Cast Aluminium Tooling Plate:

Detailed information about Aluminium Cast Tooling Plate for designers can be found in the tabs below. Please note: this information is provided as a guide only.

Cast Aluminium Tooling Plate Machining Service

Penta Precision supplies highly accurate Cast Aluminium Tooling Plate machined parts throughout the UK. Customers turn to us when they have had quality and delivery issues with their existing suppliers and need a reliable precision machining partner.

We communicate well with customers, we take care with the projects placed with us and we are consistent in our service delivery. See our Proven Process page to find out more about our winning formula.

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To read an example of how Penta delivered on an aluminium tooling plate project for a fast-moving consumer goods customer, please see our Case Studies page (case study 1).

Penta Precision provides the following Aluminium Cast Tooling Plate services: 

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We are regularly machining Aluminium Cast Tooling Plate for customers all over the UK. Our customers depend on our machining expertise as well as our outstanding delivery performance, to machine the highest quality parts. If you'd like to discuss how we can help you with your Aluminium Cast Tooling Plate machining requirements, here's a list of ways to get in touch with us.

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