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Aluminium 5083 Machining

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Aluminium Machined Replacement PartPenta Precision supplies highly accurate aluminium 5083 machined parts throughout the UK. Customers turn to us when they have had quality and delivery issues with their existing suppliers and need a reliable precision machining partner.

We communicate well with customers, we take care with the projects placed with us and we are consistent in our service delivery. See our Proven Process page to find out more about our winning formula.

Working with Penta will allow you to:

We build close working relationships with customers all over the UK due to the consistency, reliability and quality of our machining service.

Are you looking for aluminium 5083 material information? See our 5083 Guide

"In the five years we've been working with Penta, their friendly attitude has never changed. Nor has the high standard they always supply. These two points make them our number one supplier of machined parts." Kevin - Director

5083 Aluminium Machined Parts - 5083 Milling & Turning

Penta Precision provides the following 5083 aluminium services: 

Reasons to Choose Penta:

We are regularly machining 5083 for customers all over the UK. Our customers depend on our machining expertise as well as our outstanding delivery performance, to machine the highest quality parts. If you'd like to discuss how we can help you with your 5083 machining requirements, here's a list of ways to get in touch with us. Or if you would like more information on the material, please see our guide below.

5083 Guide: Properties, Applications and Design Considerations

What is 5083?

Aluminium 5083 is a medium strength magnesium-manganese-chromium-aluminium alloy.

The 5000 series grades of aluminium are non heat-treatable alloys.

The temper is achieved by the plate being fully annealed and then rolled to the required temper, rather than being heat treated.

It has good ductility for the strength level, better than most other 5000 series alloys.

Main Attributes of Aluminium 5083:

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