HR Recruiter

(Part time)

HR Recruiter (part time)



We are recruiting an HR Recruiter to support the HR function with recruitment. As a fast-growing business in a sector with a well-documented skills-shortage, Penta is thinking outside the box to ensure a strong pipeline of skilled employees well into the future - from engineers to inspectors, from estimators to assemblers, from business development to leadership.

Mission - HR Recruiter


The HR Recruiter will be accountable for building a database of quality candidates for all roles across the organisation and contribute to Penta’s journey “to become the engineering company where everyone wants to work and who everyone wants to buy from”.

Penta employee at desk


1. Database building

  • Source potential candidates from various online channels, including job boards.
  • Craft recruiting emails to attract passive candidates.
  • Maintain an up-to-date database of local potential candidates, within GDPR regulations.
  • Collaborate with managers to identify future hiring needs.

2. Recruitment admin 

  • Provide shortlists of qualified candidates to hiring managers 
  • Screen incoming CVs to ensure the candidate meets Penta’s Core Values
  • Send job offer emails and answer queries about compensation and benefits. 
  • Prepare HR paperwork for new starters.
  • Conduct reference checks for new starters.

3. Employee inductions

  • Assist line managers with the employee induction process. 
  • Track new starters through the induction process.
  • Ensure new starters understand EOS and how the business works with EOS.
  • Maintain employee induction records in line with ISO 9001:2015.

4. Training management

  • Maintain a structured development plan for all employees.
  • Ensure the training matrix is up to date and individual training records are maintained in line with ISO 9001:2015 and our Quality Manual.
  • Assist and coach line managers with performing Quarterly Conversations.

5. Continual improvement in department and self

  • Challenge current ways of working to make improvements.
  • Raise issues to be discussed at the weekly departmental meeting.
  • Come prepared and contribute at all meetings.
  • Work on self-development.

Candidate Profile



Penta people are flexible, have a can do attitude, make work enjoyable for all, we are conscientious, and we strive for improvement in ourselves and the company. 


What does that look like in this job role?


When building a database

  • Communicate with potential candidates throughout the process.
  • Being conscientious to efficiently deliver consistently high-quality work.
  • Present Penta in the best light, internally and externally.
  • Maintain an up to date knowledge of employment law, including discrimination and gender equality laws.
  • Have a can do attitude to source new leads for developing business opportunities.

When conducting recruitment admin

  • Communicate with potential candidates throughout the process.
  • Ensure consistent use of brand guidelines when posting adverts for vacancies internally or externally.
  • Be helpful and answer any queries promptly.
  • Be able to negotiate favourable contracts between the recruitment agency, employers and employees.
  • Be the point of contact for all external recruitment agencies, if required.

When assisting with employee inductions

  • Be conscientious to effectively manage new starters first few months to ensure that they receive the relevant induction.
  • Be welcoming to new employees.

When maintaining the training and development of employees

  • Ensure all records are well maintained and kept up to date.
  • Be flexible with training requirements and times to fit the employee and the trainer.

Continuously improve by

  • Positively contributing to develop the right KPIs: it helps you know what a good day looks like.
  • Let colleagues have their say, ask questions rather than make statements to improve understanding, consider different points of view and make better decisions.
  • Learning and engaging with EOS to understand how the business works. This sets out Penta’s vision, core values, and what makes it unique.
  • Improve technical, communication and collaboration skills.