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Precision Machining Case Studies

We have 20 years of precision machining experience and pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectations.

Here you can read 4 examples of how we have delivered on the Penta promise. If you're looking for a consistent, responsive and competitive UK-based machining service, please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

Case Study 1 - Aluminium Tooling Plate Machining

Penta delivers on an urgent requirement from a key fast-moving consumer goods customer


One of our largest customers is a manufacturer of food processing and packaging machinery systems for international, blue chip organisations. We regularly manufacturer both new build machine components and spare part requirements.

The Problem

On 12th December, Penta received an urgent request for a nozzle clamp to be manufactured in aluminium tooling plate. The part also required a hard anodise finish. The deadline for this order was less than eight standard working days. The aluminium machined nozzle clamp had to be packed in a suitcase for a flight out of the UK on 26th December.

Initial Assessment

We used our extensive aluminium tooling plate machining experience and knowledge of hard anodise plating allowances to quote on the items. Two days later on 14th December we received the go ahead, giving us only 4 working days to machine the item, allowing two days for the hard anodise finishing.

The Penta Solution

Due to the tight deadline, we had to make emergency adjustments to our production schedule. The parts were allocated to one of our highly skilled machinists who utilised their extensive experience to complete the part early, giving the plating company a vital extra half day to complete their process. The components made it in to their suitcase and on to the flight.

See our Aluminium Machining page for more information on the services we offer.

Case Study 2 - Packaging Machinery Spare Part

Penta's toolmaking and aluminium machining skills answer an urgent requirement from a pharmaceutical manufacturer


Following an operational breakdown, we received a request from a pharmaceutical health care product manufacturer to help with their urgent requirement for a packaging machinery spare part.

The Problem

The components were damaged beyond use and Marchesini, the Italian machine manufacturer, were offering a lead time in excess of six weeks for the replacement parts.

Initial Assessment

With only digital photographs to base our quotation on, we estimated a seven-day turnaround from receipt of the sample part and were given the go ahead by the customer.

The Penta Solution

After lengthy discussions on how the component functioned and what the critical features were, we used our extensive reverse engineering and aluminium machining skills to manufacture two duplicate aluminium anodised components in just seven days and at a significantly lower cost than the Italian OEM.

See our Processing & Packaging Equipment page for more information on the services we offer.

Case Study 3 - Stainless Steel R&D Prototype

Penta's prototype component service helps a UK domestic appliance company meet a tight product development deadline


A UK domestic appliance company contacted us for urgent stainless steel R&D pre-production prototype components for manufacture technique and product evaluation trials in China.

The Problem

The stainless steel prototype component was quoted while the design was still being finalised with a turnaround required in 13 working days.

Initial Assessment

Despite other existing tight production commitments and the three to five days delivery timescale for the stainless steel material, we initially quoted for delivery in the required timescale from receipt of order to final design.

The Penta Solution

Once the order was placed with us there was the added frustration of a further seven-day delay due a rework of the prototype component design. Once given the final go-ahead, we completed the work in less than ten working days.

See our Stainless Steel Machining and R&D CNC Machining pages for more information on the services we offer.

Case Study 4 - Aluminium and Plastic Motorsport Component Machining

Penta's aluminium and plastic machining capabilities helped relieve the project strains of a fast moving motorsports manufacturer in the UK by providing parts at short notice and exact to specification.


On 3rd January Penta received an urgent enquiry from a customer in the bespoke motorsports industry. The requirement was for 2 offs of 3 different parts, and the turnaround time was originally quoted at 20 working days.

The Problem

As the project deadline loomed the project restraints changed at the last minute, meaning the turnaround time needed to be changed to 7 days and there was little room for error as the customer had been let down by previous suppliers who delivered poor quality. We recognised the importance of both delivering on time, and to the highest possible quality standard.

Initial Assessment

We reacted quickly to the urgency of the enquiry by turning the quote around on the same day. By discussing the exact requirements and application with the customer, our team quickly grasped the concept of the part and were able to help by offering aluminium and plastic machining expertise.

The Penta Solution

Because of the urgency of the enquiry, we were able to quote on the enquiry the same day. As a result production was able to commence the following day, and the parts were delivered not only on time but within 5 days. The customer was delighted by our response times and has continued to place work with us since.

See our Aluminium Machining and Plastic Machining pages for more information on the services we offer.

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